8 Shocking Things That Happen To Your Body After Birth

Pregnancy does change one’s life, that’s for sure!!! The change in your body – your growing belly, bigger boobies, swollen ankles and what not? Those million things that you have looked forward to – bringing the cute little bundle back home, first smile, first coo, so many other things…

Have you ever thought of what to expect from your body after you deliver? All the assumptions about how you would feel so much better once the baby is born, after going through nausea and heartburn might quickly fade. Your hormones might go haywire, hair might fall like crazy, and maxi pads in XXL size would become normal.


Terrified? Don’t be.

Just read on to know what you can expect as your body slowly works its way back to its pre-pregnancy shape.


8 Things That Happen To Your Body

1. Hurt You Like Hell When You Pee!

If you have given birth vaginally or had a tear that could take weeks to heal, it sure is gonna hurt you there when you urinate. We are sure, you will swear to hell when you go into the bathroom.

Just spray the area with warm water out of a perineal irrigation bottle as you urinate and clean it up when you’re done. Many get this in the hospital and bring it back home.


But why do you need this at the first place? Well, that’s the remedy for your unbearable burning when you pee.

2. Wonder, If You’re Still In Labor!

Think you could forget those cramps after delivery? Nah! Your uterus has a totally different plan and goal to shrink back to its pre-pregnancy shape. Breastfeeding and orgasms encourage the shrinking of the uterus. When it does contract, you experience some cramping like in labor. Talk to your obstetrician or gynecologist if the pain is bothersome.


3. Sex Is Gonna Hurt!

The normal time to give your body to heal after delivery and before slipping between the sheets would be four to six weeks. Sex is gonna hurt you in the beginning. It is because of the dip in your estrogen levels after delivery, causing menopause like vaginal dryness that makes sex very painful. Blame it on breastfeeding as well when your estrogen levels go low.

The body will get back to normalcy slowly, give it some time. Till then, take it slow and use lubricants when it’s very painful.


4. Depression, Go Away!

Are you crying uncontrollably without any reason at odd times? Yes, IT IS normal. The postpartum depression is common and even if you are fortunate enough to jump that part, there will be at least one day where you just cannot stop crying. Blame those hormones. There is no one who would understand your hormonal game – just take a box of tissue, keep your baby close, and pass those moments easily.

5. Hair Fall, OMG!

Had silky smooth hair and Rapunzel-like? Sure it will fall away to its glory. Hormones – yes, they are to be blamed yet again! Startled to see hair circling the drain? One advice – just make sure not to look down the drain when you take a shower. Do that till your body bounces back to its old self.


6. Night Sweats Soak Your Sheets!

You might wake up in the night for reasons other than your hungry baby. Body chills, night sweats drenching your sheets are part of your hormonal change. When you’re pregnant your body is swollen with those extra fluids, and now after delivery, it is getting rid of the extra fluid and the hormones are trying to regulate and get back to a normal state.

7. Boobies Gonna Hurt!

Your body is producing milk for your baby and the breasts grow bigger in size. And when you breastfeed you might have leakage, extra tender breasts, and cracked nipples. This will cause heaviness and it is gonna hurt too. Get ready for this!


8. Maxi Pads Become Normal Size!

There is going to be a lot of blood scene for the first few weeks following birth. The discharge is gonna stay for a while when your system is trying to clean itself. Wear those maxi pads – jumbo size which will make your life easier reducing the laundry work.