Shaolin Monks’ Tips To Live A Longer Life

Shaolin monk's tips to live longer

Shaolin monks live a systematic lifestyle which includes studying and practicing Kung Fu. They believe in being selfless, loving and praying a lot throughout the day.

Shaolin monks dedicate themselves completely to their faith and focus only on their mind and training, that helps them stay healthy and live longer. With a holistic approach to life, it is easier for them to focus, as they don’t worry unnecessarily.


Here are 10 tips by a Shaolin Monk for a longer life:

1. Think Less

Shaolin monk tips: think less


Shaolin monks believe that thinking uses a lot of energy, which can be put to use in some other productive task. They also believe that thinking too much can make us look older. Instead, meditating can channelize your thoughts towards your goals.

2. Talk Less

Talk Less


Don’t talk too much. It is better to do something than to talk about it. If you actually experience doing something, you know what amount of hard work goes into doing it. So it is better to do, rather than just talking about it as wisdom comes with experience.

3. Take Breaks Between Work

Shaolin monk tips: take regular breaks


When you are working, take a 10-minute break to give your mind and body some rest. The Shaolin monks believe, it is better to meditate when you take a break, to help you relax. Working for a long time can damage your eyes and affect your productivity.

They believe in quality work and not quantity. Working long hours will tire your mind and body and you tend to lose focus. 10 minutes of focused work is better than an hour of unfocused work, that will only waste your time and not give you the desired result.


4. Control Your Happiness

Shaolin monk tips: controlled happiness

If you lose control over your happiness when you are happy, you may damage your lung energy. In Chinese Medicine, lungs are considered tender organs that are easily affected by organisms that cause diseases because they are open directly to the external environment.1


5. Worry Less And Avoid Getting Angry

Shaolin monk tips: worry less

Your mind is linked to your body. Any problems in our mind can affect your organs. Emotions like anger, joy, worry, contemplation, sadness, fear, and shock are all linked to organs like liver, heart, spleen kidney and lungs. For their normal functioning, it is important for you to balance the emotions.


6. Don’t Overeat

Shaolin monk tips: don't overeat

You need to satisfy yourself when you’re hungry, but over indulging in food can affect the functioning of the spleen, the main digestive organ.

Not only is over consumption of food wrong but also eating food rich in carbohydrate, uncooked food, and food with a high sugar content is not good for the body. You should also avoid alcohol and only eat the food that the body requires.

7. Don’t Hurry Too Much

Shaolin monk tips: work at your own pace

Live in the present. What is around you now is very important, and don’t worry about the past or the future. Enjoy every moment and its reality. Take your time to complete a task without hurrying to complete it.

8. Stay Active

Shaolin monk tips: stay active

Exercise is important for your mind and body. It will help your mind relax and renew. Staying physically active on a daily basis is important for your peace.

Practicing meditation and a few exercises will help you understand yourself better, keep negative emotions away and reflect on your thoughts.

9. Practice Qigong With Other Exercises

Shaolin monk tips: practice qigong

Qigong benefits your entire body. It is a gentle form of exercise that includes practicing postures, deep breathing, meditation, herbal remedy, and self-massage practices designed to slow the aging. It is a traditional practice to balance and cultivate qi or “energy”.2 3

Qigong helps you relax, relieves stress, integrates your mind, and promotes better health and healing.

10. Shaolin Kung Fu Will Benefit You

Shaolin monk tips: practice Shaolin kung fu

Shaolin Kung Fu is a style of martial art that helps you mentally focused, and enables you to expand your mind. It benefits your health, fitness, and agility. It is a good alternative to medicines. By practicing Shaolin Kung Fu, you can prevent illnesses and diseases.4