When Do Women Have The Best Sex Of Their Lives?

Does Sex Get Better With Age

When you think of sexual peaks, a bunch of hormone-addled 20-year-olds probably comes to mind. Your twenties are usually thought to be your most sexually explorative years. You’re unlikely to be tied down by marriage, making you free to have multiple partners. It’s also the age when you’re supposed to be very open-minded and thus fare more likely to experiment a lot with your sex life. If you’ve entered a new decade though, don’t sign off just yet on great sex. If research is to be believed, the best sex of your life is still ahead of you.

A survey of around 2,600 women discovered that most respondents said they had the best sex after the age of 36. The areas measured within the survey were how good the quality of their orgasms were, how attractive they considered themselves and how much they actually enjoyed sex. Women above the age of 36 scored higher on all three areas than their younger counterparts did. So what was the reason for older women having better sex?


During Their Late 30s

Older Women Feel More Attractive And Can Enjoy Sex More

Within the area of attractiveness, older women scored overwhelmingly higher than the 23-35 age group. 8 out of 10 women above 36 said they were confident with their body and felt sexy. In contrast, only 4 out of 10 women between the ages of 23-35 said they felt attractive. The attractiveness quotient is one of the biggest reasons why sex appears to get better with age.


In your twenties, you’re usually riddled with insecurities. At this age, most women are still trying to come to terms with their bodies, imperfections and all. They’re constantly bombarded with images of models the same age who have no hint of stretch marks or cellulite. Younger women are still not completely comfortable in their own skin and feel like they need to look a certain way to be considered attractive. Just the act of getting naked in front of another person can be nerve-wracking. When they’re having sex with another person, they can often be too self-conscious of their bodies to actually enjoy sex.

In your late thirties, however, your self-confidence improves vastly. Older women learn to accept their bodies and love the way they look. They pay less attention to what others say and stop trying to gain approval from them. When they have sex, they aren’t worried about what their partners think of them. They are aware of their sex appeal and are able to be fully present while having sex. Their confidence also makes them more adventurous in the bedroom and willing to try out new things.


Thirty-Somethings Aren’t Afraid To Ask For What They Want

 They're More Vocal About Their Needs

Older women also scored higher on both the quality of their orgasm and how frequently they orgasmed. This points to them placing more importance on their sexual satisfaction than younger women did. After the age of 36, most women know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it.


Younger women are more reserved about their own needs. If they don’t climax during sex, they’re more likely to let it go. They’re also a lot more accepting of partners who don’t attend to their needs. A woman over the age of 36, however, will be more vocal about what she wants and more determined to get it. The survey also found that older women have more foreplay during sex. This shows that they are finally taking charge of the course of events, demanding that their partners fulfill their needs as well.

So if the number of candles on your birthday cake are only increasing, don’t worry about it. Your late 30s are going to be filled with some of the best sex you will ever have.