4 Sex-Related Things Guys Do That Turn Women Off

Unsatisfied woman

Women like investing their best to make a relationship work. Sometimes, women want their partners to put some extra effort from their end as well. Women appreciate when men take care of the chores, take out the trash or bring home some flowers occasionally. Women appreciate the thoughts that go behind these little visible acts of consideration. But in a long relationship, the spark sometimes gets lost. People sometimes stop making efforts to make each other happy. Lack of effort often leads to indifference in a relationship. That can harm the relationship more that you can fathom.

Romance can become a complicated thing after long years in a relationship. And sex is no different. People sometimes stop making an effort to make their partners happy. Things that become a routine for a couple are the very things that can turn a woman off. Men often don’t realize their partner’s discomfort as sometimes we stop paying attention to things due to their regularity and familiarity. Sex between a couple in a long-term relationship can sometimes become like that. Men can unintentionally do a lot of things that can turn off women from intimacy. Few of those turn-offs have been listed below.

1. Not Putting An Effort To Initiate Sex

:Make some effort to initiate sex

Sex is more than just a physical act of penetration. Sex is the way two people can build intimacy. It can help you connect with your partner. But sometimes men can forget that. Women often feel that lack of intimacy in sex when men stop putting any efforts into it. Expecting a woman to be ready for sex every time with just a heads up is not very enticing. A popular survey shows that grabbing a breast to initiate sex is a big turn off for women. Women like to be held gently and caressed sometimes, rather than just be groped.


2. Pretending To Be Affectionate

Faking emotions

Heterosexual women have confessed that their partners tend to become little too affectionate to hint at or initiate sex. Affection is a wonderful emotional tool that can help partners come closer. But women know the difference between genuine and fake affection. Women are observant beings. So, don’t think your behavioral change will go unnoticed. Genuine affection can be a real turn on for women.


3. Asking For Sex In An Overly Straightforward Manner

Tone of your question is important

In a long relationship, people can become intensely straight-forward. A survey shows that women get turned off by the question ‘Do you wanna do it?’. It is nice to seek permission from your partner. But this question seems more like an obligation from the other end, rather than genuine interest in sex. Women feel like their partners are offering sex as an act of obligation rather than genuine love. So, instead of asking hesitantly, just show her that you care about intimacy with a few kisses and genuine eye contact.


4. Overpowering Them With Your Fetishes

Extreme fetishes can be a turn off

Every individual has a different preference when it comes to sex. But sometimes focusing too much into your fetishes can turn your partner off. A lot of women have confessed in a survey that their partner’s foot fetish can sometimes turn them off. Another popular choice was their partners’ habit of sleeping on their breast with prickly beard. These might not seem like a real turn off to many, but different individuals like different things. So, keep the line of communication open. Communication can help you in learning about your partner better. Knowing what they like in bed and sharing the same about yourself can really improve your sex life and intimacy. We expect emotions to be natural and organic all the time, but sometimes things need a little fine tuning. Communication is a great way of fine tuning your relationship and your sex life.


Consideration and communication are the keys to a successful and happy relationship. So, use little bit of both to bring back that spark.