9 Sex Tips That You Need To Know

Sex Tips You Need To Know

Sex is intimate, intense, and everything in between. It’s like a secret language that only two people can understand. Sex is a lot of things. One might argue that it’s tricky to get to know a partner. However, once you do, it’s about keeping the fire alive. You might be tempted to focus on physical technique. Yet, sex is so much more than that. It’s affected by so many factors – some of which will surprise you. Learn about them with these nine amazing sex tips.

1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep Deprivation Makes Arousal Difficult


We’ve heard it time and time again. Sleep is good for you! But did you know it helps your sex life, too? According to The Journal of Sexual Medicine, sleep deprivation is linked to sexual function. You’ll have a hard time feeling aroused.1 This can dampen the mood, so rest up.

2. Do Kegels

Kegels Strengthen Vaginal Muscles, Making You Stronger


To strengthen your vaginal muscles, do Kegel exercises. They’ll help sex feel amazing by making you stronger and tighter.

  • To start, imagine you need to pee. Tighten your muscles as if you’re holding it in. Hold for eight seconds, then relax for 10. This is a Kegel exercise.
  • For every set, do 10 Kegel exercises. Repeat the set three times each day.2

3. Use A Code Word

Using A Code Word For Sex Strengthens The Bond


Have a code word for sex. This “insider language” will strengthen your bond, says the Journal of Communication. You’ll feel much closer to each other.3 After all, when it comes to sex, a connection is everything!

4. Start A Competition

Keep Things Playful By Challenging Your Partner


Keep things playful by challenging your partner. At the bar, play a game of darts or pool. Once you get home, race each other to the bedroom. That dose of competition will make sparks fly.

5. Put Your Phone Away

Put Away Your Phone And Enjoy Your Partner's Presence


These days, smartphones are a major social distraction. It’s no different in the bedroom. Instead of mindlessly scrolling, tuck away your phone. Talk to your partner. By enjoying the person’s presence, sex will be much better.

6. Keep Your Underwear On

Keep Your Underwear On To Tease Your Partner


Don’t be so quick to remove your underwear. Sure, it seems counterproductive. But hear us out. By keeping it on, you’ll build up the tension. Leave it up to them to take it off. This will subtly tease your partner as things heat up.

7. Do It In The Afternoon

Do It In The Afternoon To Mix Up The Normal Routine


Sex is often linked to nighttime. Morning sex, on the other hand, is a popular favorite. What about the afternoon? This time is unusual, but that’s the point. It’ll mix up the normal routine. Plus, knowing that it can’t wait is a major turn-on.

8. Make Eye Contact

Making Eye Contact With Your Partner Strengthens A Bond

To strengthen a bond, make eye contact. This simple act has a strong association with the “love hormone” – oxytocin.4 It’ll reel your partner right in.

9. Leave The Lights On

Leave The Lights On To See Your Partner

Both men and women are visual beings. Sexual arousal highly depends on what they see!5

To use this to your advantage, don’t turn off the lights. Make it easy to see each other. If this makes you feel insecure, remember that your partner isn’t paying attention to your flaws. They’re focused on you.

Feel free to adapt these tips to your liking. Sex is different for every couple. Most importantly, do what makes you feel comfortable.