5 Things Women Do That Hamper Their Sexual Satisfaction

We live in times when women are reclaiming and exercising their sexual freedom. Yet, many still find it a really hard to be truly happy in their sex lives. From emotional insecurities to diminishing interest in sex, there are many hurdles that prevent women from enjoying love-making as a whole.1

Things Women Do That Leave Them Sexually Dissatisfied

Here are some insights into why many women are still leading sexually dissatisfied lives.

1. Comparing Constantly With Other Women

women keep comparing themselves with each other

Right from the time we are born, we are subjected to analysis and comparison. It’s unfortunate that millions of women worldwide don’ t think they are beautiful or successful enough. This feeling of insecurity is deep-seated and causes women to constantly compare themselves with other ladies.

Feeling dissatisfied with one’s body image or life leave us feeling drained

or disappointed with ourselves. These doubts creep into our bedrooms as well and manifest in various forms. We get so bogged down by our over thinking thereby making us unable to enjoy sex and intimacy fully.

2. Assuming Too Much And Expressing Too Little

 women assume more and express little

An assumption is the mother of all commotion. Despite having a fantastic mind and sense organs, many individuals especially women are quick to jump to conclusions in their heads. Preconceived notions are imaginary reactions to perceived life events; avoid them at all costs.

Keep assumptions at bay by expressing your expectations vocally to your partner. Don’t assume that he is obliged to figure out because he’s in a relationship with you. Being open about your sexual needs requires vulnerability. This will encourage your significant other to ensure that you both have quality sex.

3. Having Sex Instead Of Making Love

spice up your sex life to make it interesting

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This is a particularly common trend in long-term relationships and both men and women experience it. Sex is a great way to bond and show love exclusively to your partner. Regardless of increasing age, kids or stress never belittle the importance of having good action!

A little bit of imagination is all you need to add more zest to your sex life. Roleplaying, BDSM, and date-nights can really spice up things. However, make sure that your partner and you are on the same page when it comes to adding variety. Remember to have sex when you are in the mood and not while you are super-stressed or distracted.

4. Putting Themselves Second In Bed

sexual needs of women are equally important

Thanks to increasing gender sensitization in recent times, there is more awareness about the rights of women in personal and professional spaces. Every sexually active woman should know that she has as many rights

in a relationship as her partner. This plays a huge role in determining how sexually satisfied a woman is too.

Love requires a fair and gracious amount of giving. But many women place their sexual needs secondary to their partners due to various reasons. This isn’t healthy. You have to be aroused enough for a pleasurable love-making session. This requires mental and physical stimulation. Your orgasms are also equally important as his. Sidelining your sexual needs for the sake of someone else is going to do no good.

5. Not Indulging In Enough Self-Love

self-love and pleasure enhance the sexual appetite

Only if you love yourself you can love others. Just because you are in a relationship, don’t put the onus of sexual stimulation totally on your man. Spend time at least on a weekly basis touching yourself tenderly. This could be anything from pampering yourself with a manicure, massage or just plain masturbation.2

Many women forget to take time out for self-pleasure once they abandon singledom. Scientific studies have proved that masturbation can also enhance your sexual appetite and arousal. Self-love is a wonderful way to empower de-stress and recharge your batteries.

Finding satisfaction in your sex life is closely related to how you see yourself as a person and the kind of relationship you are in. Remember that each one of you is unique, find that and bring that to the table in your relationship. Don’t undervalue your awesomeness by putting yourself up against projected images of women according to the media or society.

Practice kindness to yourself and to your loved one. Eventually, you will see both your sexual life in particular and life, in general, becomes more fulfilling.