7 Sex Habits Every Woman Nearing Her 20s Should Know

As children and teenagers, our parents have been trying to teach us good habits and asking us to give up the bad ones. However, we are not told about sex habits we should be aware of as young adults. Some may find it difficult to approach their parents to ask about sex.

So, those who are interested to know about the sex habits you have to adopt as young adults, you are in the right place.


Here’s what you need to know about sex habits if you are nearing your 20s.

Sex Habits Every Woman Nearing Her 20s Should Know

There are a few sex habits every woman nearing her 20s should know about. Here’s a list of sex habits you should try and develop right from your young adult years.


1. Stop Faking An Orgasm

Stop Faking An Orgasm

When you were younger, you probably faked an orgasm because you didn’t want to make your partner feel disappointed. Probably, at some point, you might have thought it may even be your fault.


While these sound sweet, it’s about time you let this habit go. You don’t have to fake anything in a relationship with a partner because you are equally important, even when it comes to physical intimacy. If you are not able to climax, talk what turns you on and what your partner should do to help you reach an orgasm.

2. Learn To Enjoy Yourself A Little

Learn To Enjoy Yourself A Little


If you want your partner to touch and feel you, you should know what you like. It wouldn’t hurt to spend some time with yourself so you know what you like and what you don’t when it comes to foreplay and sex.

It’s normal to enjoy some “sexy me time” as long as you are not going overboard with it. Masturbating or self-stimulation is also a way to explore yourself and your desires. Studies report that women who masturbated had increased self-esteem, sex drive, and sexual satisfaction than those who never masturbated.1


3. Walk Out On Unprotected Sex

Walk Out On Unprotected Sex

Whether you are with your partner for two years or two months, you have the right to ask your partner for protected sex. You don’t have to hesitate to say something you want in bed.


If your partner will not have sex with condoms, you have the right to walk out of that bedroom door and probably even walk out of that relationship. A man who loves you will respect your likes, too.

4. Communicate Well With Your Partner

Communicate Well With Your Partner


It may be embarrassing to talk about sexually transmitted diseases or infections with your partner in the bedroom. But, you are doing yourself a huge favor. If you and your partner trust each other and love each other, it is also important to know about each other’s health condition, especially about a sexually transmitted disease.

If you are honest with each other, the experience is only going to become more meaningful and worthwhile.

5. Accept Your Body As It Is

Accept Your Body As It Is

It is normal to be worked up about your lady parts, especially when it comes to looking “clean” down there. However, you don’t have to be embarrassed about your pubic hair. It’s how your body is in its pure, natural form. If your partner loves you, he’d definitely love all of you.

But, if you expect your partner to accept your body the way it is and love you, then you need to do it first. So, if you notice some pubic hair while having sex, there is no need to make excuses to go to the washroom.

6. Go With The Flow And Not Rules

Go With The Flow And Not Rules

As a teenager, you probably had a picture in your head about how things will turn out to be when you are in a serious relationship with a boy. You probably thought of the perfect first kiss and the perfect place to make out. But, you should remember that not all things happen the way they are planned. You need to go with the flow and not abide by rules.

If you and your partner feel right to go ahead and have sex, even if it isn’t the most romantic picture you had in mind, you should just go ahead with it. Do things when you want to do them, not when you had planned to do them.

7. Say No If You Don’t Feel Like It

Say No If You Don’t Feel Like It

Sometimes, you may end up making a decision because it seemed right at that time. It can happen even with your partner. You should always remember that it’s okay to refuse sex or say no if you don’t feel it was the right decision.

You have to take ownership of your body and not give that right to your partner. If he respects and cares for you, he will understand and support your decision and wait until you are ready.

So, remember you are the boss of you and you don’t have to do anything you are not ready for!