6 Things About Sex During Pregnancy That You Should Be Aware Of

Having sex during pregnancy is not as complicated as you think it might be.

Pregnancy is one of the most monumental and beautiful things for a woman, and the couple cherishes this time together. As soon as you get pregnant, there is so much to do and prepare for, but one of the main things that both partners wonder about is sex during this time. For some women, this is a strict no-no, and they would like to practice abstinence throughout to protect the baby and have a more comfortable pregnancy. However, some couples don’t mind and might actually want to continue having a healthy sex life even during the pregnancy, though they may have a lot of questions about it. Talking to a medical practitioner can help you to clear any doubts from a medical point of view, but here are some facts that might help you to know more about having sex during pregnancy.

1. It Is Perfectly Safe

It is perfectly safe for the baby if you have sex.


One of the major concerns all mothers have is whether sex might hurt the baby or lead to early labor, especially in the third trimester. Moreover, some women also worry that their baby might “know” that she’s having sex, which might not let her fully enjoy the activity. Rest assured that the uterus is quite the protector, and the amniotic fluid covered by membranes makes sure that nothing happens to the baby. The baby also does not “know” that the parents are having sex. There has been some research suggesting that sex during the last stage of pregnancy could cause labor, but the body will only go into labor when it is ready and not before.

2. It Is Also Normal

It's normal to have surges in your sexual desire during pregnancy


A lot of people think that having sex during a pregnancy is weird, but both partners might feel the same sense of desire for sex despite the pregnancy. There is nothing bad or morally wrong about this act, and it is even quite natural for a woman to feel more aroused during her second trimester. There is a huge surge in the number of hormones in a woman’s body, especially testosterone, which can make her more feisty and sexually aroused than usual. Moreover, women also have more curves in the form of weight gain and larger breasts, and this can make her partner even more attracted to her than usual. So if you feel like having a lot of sex during your pregnancy, it can be a great thing because it will help to strengthen the bond between you and your partner, and can be a great exercise and stress relief for you too.

3. Some Positions Might Not Be Feasible

Not all positions can work when you're pregnant


It isn’t surprising that some sexual positions might be off the table for a while. This is solely because certain positions are uncomfortable and even painful for the woman, and can cause undue stress on the body. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment to see what might work. Use pillows for support for any position that you try to make things more comfortable, and the most comfortable positions are reportedly the women on top, or the side-by-side spooning position with the man entering from behind.

4. Some Things To Keep In Mind

There could be "side effects"


There are some “side effects” to having sex during pregnancy, however, especially in the third trimester. As a woman’s body starts to change, she will be facing the brunt of the effects because the body is already working really hard. It is normal for the breasts to release a milky substance if a man fondles them during sex, for example. Moreover, sex can also lead to a little bit of bleeding and abdominal cramps afterwards. Due to the change in hormones, there could be changes in vaginal lubrication as well as soreness and discomfort in the vagina during sex. At times, there could also be urine leakage. If these effects are making sex too uncomfortable, it is best to abstain for a while to give your body the rest it needs.

5. It’s Alright To Not Want It

You are not obligated to be in the mood


You may have wanted to have sex in your second trimester, but by the time the third trimester hits, you might just feel too tired and unwilling to have sex. This is also a very natural response. A lot of women also feel unattractive and huge during their pregnancy, and while this view is completely untrue (you’re in a beautiful form as a to-be mother, no matter how unattractive you feel), it could also act like a mental barrier. After all, sex is both a physical and mental thing, and not wanting to do it is just as natural as wanting it.

6. You Can Still Be Intimate

Sex isn't the only way to achieve intimacy


Sex is one way to improve intimacy, but it’s also not the only way. There is so much more to sex than just penetrative intercourse, such as cuddling, kissing, foreplay and even just holding hands, at the end of the day. There are a variety of ways to feel connected to your partner, so don’t forget to communicate and talk about things that matter to both of you every day.