5 Senses-Enhancing Couple Massage

Quick and easy couple massage can be enjoyed in any environment – while watching TV, at the airport, on the beach, etc. If you want to make couple massage the ultimate experience there are ways to enhance the occasion. Here’s how you enhance the experience for each of the five senses we have.

5 Senses-Enhancing Couple Massage

1. Sense Of Hearing

The environment should be set so that potential distraction is kept to a minimum. Turn off your cell phones, computers, and TV. Hopefully, your pets and kids will stay calm for the duration of the massage session.

Play a calm, relaxing music in the background. There are four major types of brain waves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta. When we are awake and active during the day, we are functioning in the Beta state. Your relaxation goal is to transition into the Alpha state.

When you relax with music, normally active Beta waves of your brain will start to relax into Alpha waves. What’s even better is to get to Theta state where you are fully relaxed and drifting between the awake state and

falling asleep.

In my opinion, this is the yummiest state during the massage.

There are various sources for the relaxing music. I recommend music without words to rest your brain and without annoying commercials if you play it from an online source. If you play the music on your computer adjust the illumination level not to distract the nice ambiance.

2. Sense Of Sight

Lighting is imperative for relaxation. Dimmed lights bring about a relaxed ambiance and will initiate a good sense of peace. Researchers have studied and have shown that when lights are dimmed, not completely out, individuals relaxed a bit more.

If you cannot dim the lights in the room, use candles. Candles can allow you to invigorate just enough lights to allow for relaxation and even aromatherapy.

For safety, make sure you keep it away from the flammables and keep the means to extinguish fire handy just in case. There are also battery operated candles that look just like real candles.

3. Sense Of Smell

Aromatherapy is an age-old technique that has been used for thousands of years in China, India, and Egypt. It offers

a wide range of physiological and psychological benefits. Aromatic scents from the essential oils extracted from plants can be used in massage oil/lotion/cream, bath, diffuser, and candles to enhance the couple massage experience.

The following is the list of common needs and the scents that will aid the specific need. However, the scents are very personal. Do not use any essential oil if something doesn’t smell right to you.

  • Stress and anxiety – Lavender angstifolia, petitgrain, jasmine (not during pregnancy), marjoram.
  • Insomnia – chamomile Roman, orange, ravintsara, ylang-ylang, bergamot.
  • Uplifting (anti-depressant) – ylang-ylang, neroli, petitgrain, frankincense, lemon verbena.
  • Sensuality (aphrodisiac) – jasmine (not during pregnancy), rose, ylang-ylang, sandalwood.

This can be confusing but luckily there are many products already mixed with various essential oils available in the market. Skin is the largest organ in your body and it absorbs what you apply on your body. Opt for products that are organic and paraben free for your health.

4. Sense Of Touch (Feel)

You cannot relax in a freezing environment. Having a nice warm temperature in the room is a must. The room temperature should be not too cold

or too hot for both the receiver and the giver.

Sometimes a receiver becomes cold (or hot) during the massage. Have a blanket ready just in case. Having a nice plush sheepskin to lie on is a great idea too.

Place a heat pack on the area you are going to massage. Or better yet prepare a nice bath before the massage to relax the entire body. Add Epsom salt (not for diabetes), milk, bubble, aroma elements, and rose petals to make it very special.

There’s nothing more startling than feeling cold things on your skin. Ensure your hands are soft and warm. Remove any hard skin that may scratch the receiver’s skin. To warm up your hands, soak your hands in warm water, or wrap your hands in a steam towel to warm and soften your hands.

Warm up the massage oil or lotion too. You should always put a small amount in your hands and emolliate first by rubbing your hands to warm up the product (and activate the aroma agents if any) before applying it on your partner’s body.

5. Sense Of

No, you do not eat during the massage. But a little bit of alcohol before the massage helps with relaxation although you should not receive a massage when you are drunk.

Having champagne in a pretty tall glass with a fresh raspberry and chocolate dipped strawberries is a good idea. What a wonderfully romantic idea before the massage.

You can combine the above-suggested enhancements however you like. Enjoy the ultimate couple massage experience.