See The World Through A Space Called Your Heart.

See The World Through A Space Called Your Heart.
See The World Through A Space Called Your Heart.

What is this fear?

Have you ever felt lonely? Or separate from everything? Why do we tell ourselves,“I am not good enough?” Or “I am alone”? All these feelings start with one illusion, which our mind creates: that we are separate. Separate from others, separate from everyone and everything on the planet. And that we are waiting for someone special to come along who will remove us from that space of illusion.


The heart space.It’s a space we can all come from and come to within ourselves.

Now is the time to recognize that fear and remove it completely at the roots. We have the power within: simple awareness that we are powerful and that we create and co-create our planet through our thoughts, words, and actions. How we feel and think is not someone else’s responsibility or not something to wait to do. It’s what we are responsible for. How we create our thoughts matters, to you, to me, to everyone, and to our planet.


Whom are we pleasing?

Many times we lie to ourselves, pretend to be someone else, wear a mask throughout our lives. For what are we wasting our lives? Whom are we pleasing? Fact is, we have been programmed by media, by our elders, who learned and relearned not to feel but instead just think a lot.


Guess what? We lie, and with every action we take we defend that lie. Our world has issues, and all issues could be solved if we stopped thinking and felt from within the space where we are all the same.

We must stop telling ourselves and one another that we are not good enough, that we cannot do it. We must not wait for someone else to take action!We must transform ourselves in to a space where we are honest, honest with our true selves.


Why do we lock ourselves up?

Now is the time to remove all kinds of masks and get naked in a way that there is no separation anymore. Unite with consciousness, that space where love and only love pours out. People pleasing and seeking approval from others who are also crazy with their minds solves no purpose. We are storing all that love, and feeling lonely doesn’t even make sense.


Why not unleash it today and see the world through a space called our heart?

True freedom is absence of limitation and presence of abundant creativity!

The heart space has simple honesty and purity as its true essence. It does not deny what is real or what is now. Instead of taking the convenient way of hiding that real self and wearing numerous masks – in actuality losing your true nature of love and compassion – look within yourself for that space. Within, there is no hiding. What one sees and what one feels is simply out there, a true form of transparency. The heart space listens with true compassion, without exhibiting superficiality.The heart space is sacred to all species and all life itself. The heart space knows true freedom and awe for nature and all existence.

Open that space, for yourself. Do it now. Feel it one beat at a time and see the world change around you! Together all are involved. True freedom is absence of limitation and presence of abundant creativity!


5 Easy Tips to Live from Heart Space

1. Be aware of a lie which you tell yourself.

When someone asks how you are, instead of automatically saying “good” or “fine,” tell how you actually feel about your day! Or say “interesting so far.” Losing to yourself builds a wall around your heart space and the external world.

2. Notice and focus on your heartbeat at all times.

When you do that, your mind naturally stops thinking. If you are using too much knowledge, you are like a walking book, unaware of your heart space and rhythm.

3. Be compassionate toward everyone.

If they did something wrong, it’s more likely that they are reacting with their own inner struggles. They don’t write down a list of how to annoy, irritate, or upset you. Don’t copy their inner state!

4. Let the heart guide you!

Heart guides… know it’s the intuition that leads. The mind is just filled with knowledge of right and wrong according to what the world wants. Only the heart knows what we truly are here for!

5. We have done this forever.

It’s in our DNA. If you just turn off all news and stand in nature you can feel the awakening. Just for a few days, switch off the mind and listen to your heart. It will change the perception you have toward the world. Love everyone, no matter what they do. It feels better to love than dislike. People make mistakes; holding their mistakes and recording them makes your mind cluttered and wastes space. Forgive, fill your mind with trust, and love that which your heart provides with unlimited supply.