The Secrets Of Really Happy People

I want to shout these secrets of really happy people from a mountain top.

Because this is something every single one of us can do. And if you do it, you will notice a huge difference in your mood and outlook. You’ll go from heavy to happy.


Quit Complaining

Here’s an illustration from a really happy girl:

My daughter was away from us last week for 8 days. She was staying with family, but since Ted and I weren’t there, she was on her best behavior. Which to her means no complaining.


“I haven’t complained for 8 days!” she said driving home when we picked her up relieved to finally let down her hair. We allowed her to share, and mostly she was laughing and joking about funny predicaments. Nothing was personal or overwhelming.

I shared my observations of how happy she seemed each time we had spoken to her during the week.


I mused that when she doesn’t get caught up in too much complaining, that she may generally feel better about life, even when frustrating things are happening. Now sit down if you are a parent, because what I am about to say next about my pre-teen daughter may shock you: She agreed!

Let It Out

When something frustrating or hurtful happens, there is benefit to “complaining” in the way of expressing and allowing, and acknowledging your feelings without judgment. This will help your feelings pass through instead of staying.


Negatively judging yourself about your feelings (that are appropriate to the situation) makes them stick to you like glue. You get your feelings out instead of holding them inside, where they hurt you so much more.

Move On

But after this release, if you are complaining a lot with loads of negative self-judgment, you are stewing in the negativity and there’s nothing good to come from this. It just continues to bring you down. You continue to put more and more negative meaning and stories of blame around the event.


You keep thinking about it, analyzing it, trying to figure it out but end-up making it much more complicated. This keeps you from happiness in your life.

Thinking too much about negative events, keeps you feeling horrible. It makes them more important and bigger than they were. The bigger it becomes and the more it engages you and the worse you feel. You become a victim of your thoughts which is often worse than the original event!


You Are Worth Being Happy

If you think happiness is for lucky people, I am here to tell you that happiness is generated. And anyone can generate it.

It doesn’t matter what kind of crazy person hurt you. That wasn’t okay that that happened, but don’t let that limited human being limit or control your life.


It’s time to generate happiness by controlling how you spend your thoughts.

  • Put happy things into each and every day.
  • Compliment people.
  • Notice beauty around you.
  • Build confidence and health by exercising and eating clean.
  • Do the easy things. And know you are amazing just as you are.

So, do you want to know the secrets of really happy people? So that you can move on from your past? Watch today’s episode to hear about what you can do.

What is your best kept secret of being really happy?