The Secret To Clean Sleeping Revealed

The concept of clean sleeping is quickly becoming popular day by day. It has been one of the big talking points in the media ever since celebrities have started endorsing the concept. Recently, Hollywood actor Gwyneth Paltrow covered this topic in her lifestyle and modern living brand website, Goop.

What Is Clean Sleeping?

Clean sleeping is a practice of ensuring sound sleep for 7-8 hours. For achieving clean sleep, there are a few things that have to be followed or eliminated from our day to day routine. Gwyneth Paltrow is a big believer of the concept and an ardent follower of the same. She wrote in her article, “Sleep plays such a powerful role in determining your appetite and energy levels that I believe it should be your first priority — even before you think about your diet.”

This concept of clean sleeping is not something new. Clean sleeping consists of many practices from going to bed early to meditation. These practices are not modern discoveries. They have always been considered to be good habits that got neglected by the coffee-laden social media addicted generations over the years. Clean sleeping is old wine packed in a new bottle with an organic healing label stuck on it.

Nowadays, people having trouble with falling asleep in the night has become a very common problem. Whether we like it or not, our excessive use of technology has a big role to play in that. Coffee and stress undoubtedly play a huge role in it as well, but we cannot deny the role of our mobile phones in giving us sleep troubles. Constant buzzing of our phones near our heads disrupt the natural progression of sleep. Constant need to see our notifications or reply to someone’s message on a messaging app stop our brains from falling asleep. So, what is the way forward from here? We need to go back to our basics in order to gain back our peaceful sleep. And our way back will take us to clean sleeping. The steps of clean sleeping have been listed below.

1. Log Out For Good

Do not disturb mode

This is the first thing that you need to do for getting a night of peaceful sleep. Log out of all the apps and put your phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode for the night before you go to sleep. This will stop you from getting distracted. The constant buzzing of incoming notifications fill us up with curiosity to check our phones. Curiosity generally kills the cat, but in this case, it is killing your sleep. So, putting your phone on DND mode will help to calm your nerves down. This way you will not spend half of your night looking at other’s news feeds at the cost of your sleep.

2. Avoid Screens After The Lights Go Out

Put your phone away

We often switch off the light and then continue to fidget with our phones or watch TV in the dark. The glaring light from these screens with constant buzzing will not let our brains be in peace. This will stop our brains from contemplating subconsciously about sleeping. So, the moment you switch off your light, switch off all screens too!

3. Make Sure Your Phone Isn’t Anywhere Close

Put our phone away from you

This will be a difficult thing to incorporate, but it is vital that you do. Before you sleep, leave your phone away from your reach. This way you will not use your phone if you suddenly wake up from your sleep. And another big advantage would be that you would have to physically get up to switch off the alarm. This way you will actually get up and not hit snooze to go back to sleep.

4. Meditate

Meditate on bed

You can invest 5-10 minutes after the above steps and focus on meditating while lying down on your bed. This will enable you to get rid of all the unnecessary things from your mind and will allow you to strengthen your nervous system.

So, get rid of your technological vices and meditate to allow yourself to fall asleep. You will wake up next day with a fresh burst of energy and a newfound love for life.