10 Sayings That Every Woman Can Relate To

Woman saying something

When God created women, he bestowed them with wit, beauty, and kindness, all of them together. Women have an amazing sense of incredibility and unpredictability at the same time. They are beautiful beings, and often, a constant source of amazement for the male species. If we look at women on a collective basis, we will find that their thought processes echo in a similar manner.

If you are a woman, no matter which part of the world you belong to, you will surely relate to these 10 common, witty, impressive sayings.

1. Home Is Where You Don’t Wear A Bra

 A woman unhooking the bra

Yes, all the women around the world feel the same as you, thanks to the body-hugging, suffocating prison called a ‘bra’. You very well know how good it feels to be at home, without the bra and comfortably enough. After a long day’s work, removing your bra lets you feel your very best, which all your sisters around the world can so relate to!

2. You Doubt Your Sanity When You Look Back At Your Past Affairs

 A woman looking at a photograph from the past

Human beings are bound to make mistakes. Women have a softer heart than men, and this is the reason they sometimes fall for silly men too. However, they don’t make the same mistakes again. Let your past not hurt you too much. You must have had good memories too; so, don’t doubt your sanity for dating the wrong men. Understand that all things might not work out well.

3. Your Kids Can Make You Feel Helpless

 Naughty kids painting a wall.

Being a mother is a boon to womankind. However, this boon comes with its own terms and conditions. Since the day you conceived your kids, you must be having a hard time growing them up. Know that all women feel the same. You wake your kids up for school from Monday to Friday, and on weekends, they take their revenge by dirtying the house. Kids are adorable, but kids are naughty; all the women reading this know that very well already.

4. Your Experiences Prevent You From Losing Your Head

A girl calming herself down listening to music

You surely miss those days when you were too young to understand things well and often lost your mind. We know that you would love to lose your head again. However, you have grown up, and you know what it all takes to let go off the peace of your mind. You have gained enough experience, and you will surely prevent yourself from losing your head anymore.

5. You Believe Yourself To Be The Best Wife Ever

Husband and wife cooking together.

You love yourself, and you believe that everything you do is right. Well, your husband might not think so. However, you know it well that your husband is lucky enough to have you as his wife. You never believe in the saying “Perfect wives don’t exist”, and look at yourself thinking how perfect you are as a wife.

6. You Are A Perfect Shopaholic

A shopaholic lady with shopping bags

Women and shopping are the two sides of the same coin. You love shopping; and you are proud of that. You visited the store and bought all that you wanted, not just what you needed. When your hands were full with things, you wondered why didn’t you take a basket! That is when you realized that you visited the store just to buy bread. When you visit a store, the shopaholic within you does not let you control yourself at all.

7. You Love Those Shoes Although They Are Not Comfortable Enough

 A girl wearing high-heel shoes

A pretty pair of shoes is a real treasure, even if they are not the ones you feel comfortable in. You may not wear those shoes because you cannot walk with them on; however, they are the love of your wardrobe, and you will never part with them. You will still adore that pair of lovely shoes in your wardrobe and click pictures with them on, but only when you are sitting!

8. You Want To Look Good At Work, But Today Is Just Another Day

: A business woman working in her office.

Work seems fun only when you go back home. Before you fall asleep, you vow to yourself that you will put on a nice pair of clothes to work the next morning. However, every morning, getting up from bed is a real task! Getting ready for work is another big task, so your old pair of trousers and just another shirt serves the purpose as they do every day. That day doesn’t ever come when you actually dress up for work.

9. Tea Is Not Good For Your Figure, But There Are Cookies And Cake With Tea

Tea and delicious cookies

No matter how conscious you are about your body, good food is irresistible. You try to resist yourself, but you end up tasting every delicious dish that comes your way! You also tell yourself that it’s perfectly fine as you are taking in calories on just this particular day, but this process repeats itself every day.

10. A Husband Is The One Who Brings Trouble Along The Way

 A husband trying to cheer his wife up.

You married with the hope that your problems would be lessened. You never imagined that it could create more problems along the way. As you anticipate your husband to solve your problems, you realize that these problems are there just because you are married. If you wouldn’t have had a husband, these problems would have never popped up on your way. Or maybe we’re being just a bit too harsh on our hubbies!

You are surely able to relate to each one of these sayings if you are a girl. You might not admit it, but it is absolutely true that these sayings resonate!