What Would You Say To Detoxing Yourself To Great Health?

We’ve all heard the word and know that it involves removing toxins from the body. But what are these toxins? The ones we ingest with our air, water, and food?


Well, that’s just part of the story. These aren’t the only toxins that our body deals with. In fact, even useful substances become toxic when they are in larger or smaller amounts than what the body would like. Also, not all toxins come from the outside. Our own biochemicals – the enzymes, hormones and immune cells that our body produces, can become toxic to it in the wrong amounts.

Detoxification on a daily basis then, is imperative for the body to stay healthy. And given our modern-day diets, lifestyles, and amount of toxins we throw at it; it definitely needs support.


How about helping the body in this all-important task with nutrition that it is already familiar with and creating a balance not just in one body function in isolation, but one that comes from all core functions working in perfect harmony?

With the custom formula of 1Balance ‘Detox’ and its combination of 9 hand-picked natural and organic Ayurvedic whole-herbs, that gently and effectively support healthy detoxification every day. These herbs are known for their adaptogenic, hormone-regulating, anti-inflammatory benefits and support other core health functions that have a direct impact on detoxification – our sleep, mental wellbeing, energy, and the immune function.

Well, what are you waiting for then?

Let’s keep the goodness in and the toxins out with 1Balance Detox – that doesn’t just address the symptoms on the surface, but works on resolving the imbalance deep within that’s causing them.