What is the safest position to sleep in during pregnancy?

Getting some sleep is the hardest thing during pregnancy. Your hips ache, you sweat more than usual and your heartburns only get worse. You spend most nights twisting and turning constantly to find a good position which is also safe for your baby. This gets 10 times harder for those women who sleep on their stomach. You end up getting minimum or no sleep at all, making you irritable and grumpy during the day. Luckily on some days, you are so beat and tired that you overcome all of these hurdles and fall asleep. But wait, this is exactly the same time your baby turns an acrobat and does all kinds of acrobatics inside you. So, with all this in mind, given below is the best or safest position for you to sleep in during pregnancy.

Sleeping on your tummy

It’s fine to sleep on your tummy or stomach during the early stages of your pregnancy. By the time you complete your first trimester, you would’ve developed a good round belly owing to your growing baby. So technically, even if you do want to it would be hard for you to sleep on your tummy from your second trimester. It would be highly uncomfortable for you and dangerous for your baby.


Sleeping on your back

So, the first trimester is a no worry phase. There are not many precautions and rules that you need to keep in mind during this period. But during your second and third trimesters it is advised to not sleep on your back. This is because during the second and third trimesters, the growing uterus puts high pressure on your spine and presses the vena cava. Vena cava is the main vein that carries blood from your lower body to your heart. When high pressure falls on this vein, it can disrupt blood circulation. (Blood circulation is critical during pregnancy)

Sleeping on your right side

Sleeping on your side (SOS as doctors call it) is definitely much better than sleeping on your stomach or back. But doctors say sleeping on your left side is the best and safest for pregnant women. The right side of your body holds your liver and when you sleep on your right, you put pressure on your liver which is what doctors prefer to avoid.


Sleeping on your left side

This is the most advised and safe position to sleep in according to doctors. Sleeping on your left side does not put any excess pressure on your liver, vena cava or your spine. This enables proper circulation hence giving the baby the right amount of nutrients and oxygen through the placenta. Lying on your left side also helps to expand your body weight and keeps the uterus from putting pressure on the main veins and liver. But, sleeping only on your left side is also not good. Try and strike a balance between the left and right. If you have slept for a long time on your left side, switch to your right side for sometime to ensure proper circulation throughout the body.

A few tips to get a good sleep

Apart from’the best position to sleep in, you could use these tips to catch some more sleep. You need as much sleep as you can get, since you won’t be getting any once your baby is born. (Midnight feedings)

  • Prop a pillow between your legs and under your back or tummy for better support. You can buy one of those extra-long pregnancy pillows.  This will prevent you from rolling on your stomach or back.
  • Sometimes, you may experience a shortness of breath, don’t panic. Place a pillow under your side and raise your chest.
  • The most common discomfort pregnant women face is heartburn. To overcome this, place a few books or stack blankets under your pillow to keep your acids down. This helps to keep the acids in your stomach and from burning their way into your throat.
  • Try and have a relaxing bath before bed, this helps you to calm down and makes you feel rested.
  • Have a hot drink like a fruit tea before you go to bed.
  • Ask your partner to give you a massage before you get to bed if you’re suffering from pelvic cramps or general pains.

Hope this helps you get some extra hours of comfort. Go ahead and get some sleep now! (While you can still.)