Is It Safe To Make Your Baby Wear Diapers The Whole Day

Moms who have their babies crying and screaming due to diaper rashes have this one question to ask—is it safe for babies to wear a diaper the whole day? Though with guilt, we rely on the absorbency of diapers to keep ourselves from cleaning and wiping poop all day. We just can’t do without diapers any longer.

However, when it comes to skin infection and rashes, we wonder whether it is really worth wrapping our children in the plastic of discomfort all day long.

We all know how sensitive our baby’s skin are—they deserve something that is soft and gentle. Though diapers brands offer a range of products, all of them can give nasty rashes and skin irritation to our babies.

Diapers are a must in a household with a baby. Though we can’t avoid using them altogether, we can choose to provide them with proper diaper care.

During the day, use light diapers for your baby. Though they have low absorbance, they are light and comfortable. If your baby has already done pooping, make them wear a light so called a paper diaper. They

need to be changed every 2-3 hours but are comparatively cheaper and convenient for your baby.

If your baby passes a good amount of stool and urine at night, switch to ‘overnight diapers’. They are heavy-duty, good absorbents—they will probably give you and your baby a good sleep at night. The same applies when you are traveling with your baby. Gel diapers have good absorbency and will your baby’s skin dry for a longer time.

The same applies when you are traveling with your baby. Gel diapers have good absorbency and will their skin dry for a longer time.

When at home, you could choose cloth diapers for your baby. They can be used a hundred times—wash them and they are ready to be used again. Yes, they are affordable and environment-friendly. Know more about the difference between cloth diapers and disposable diapers.

Remember to change your baby’s diaper once every 3-4 hours even if it isn’t soiled. Always clean your baby’s diaper area properly using baby wipes or a wet and clean piece of cloth, every time you change their diaper. To prevent

the risk of infection, wipe front to back. Dab and dry any area that remains wet.

Putting the diaper on wet skin can also cause rashes. After you are done with the cleaning, leave them diaper-free for a good 10-15 minutes before putting on a new diaper. This will ensure the skin is dry—allow it to breathe.

In case of rashes, apply ointment or gentle anti-bacterial lotions for babies before you make them wear a diaper after a bath. Some doctors recommend against using powders due to allergic reactions and respiratory issues—ask your doctor before applying baby powders. Sometimes, it is due to the added chemicals and fragrances that cause skin allergies in babies.

Sometimes, one diaper brand may not suit your child—you may have to switch between them if your baby’s skin to sensitive to a particular type. In between, keep a check on rashes or redness on your baby’s skin. Here are some tips to try at home for getting rid of diaper rashes.

Prefer to quickly change the diapers when they are soiled—if your baby could speak your tongue, they would ask for a quick

change. No baby likes to stay damp and wet—it can lead to bacterial and fungal buildup, resulting in rashes.

Safe diaper usage also includes not using it for some time during the day. Your baby will like the feeling of being free and airy.