Sunscreen Lotion And The Right Way To Use It

Sunscreen has become an essential part of our skincare routine. Our changing environment is increasingly becoming harsh for our skin. So, the only way we can protect our skin from these environmental threats is by taking a good care of it. We need a good skin care routine that can nourish our skin from inside and protect it from outside. Sun is great for our overall well-being, but too much exposure to it without any protection can leave our skin dry and burnt. But, that shouldn’t stop us from soaking up some vitamin D. We can enjoy sunshine completely if we take necessary preventive care before exposing ourselves to the sunlight.

Sunlight is a wonderful natural boon that comes with essential vitamin D. Vitamin D from natural source can uplift our mood, memory, energy, ability to concentrate, and it can also help us in healing. So, your sensitive skin shouldn’t hold you back from experiencing these wide range of benefits from the sun. Sunscreen lotion can provide us with all the care that we need to step out in the sun. But we should just know the correct and effective way of using it. The effective way of selecting and using sunscreen has been mentioned below.

1. Selecting The Correct Sunscreen

Selecting the right product

The most important thing about skin care is choosing the correct product that suits your skin type and provide you with all the necessary care. Different people have different types of skin. So, a generic product might not work for everyone. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, you should choose a water-resistant broad spectrum sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 or more. SPF 30 broad spectrum sunscreen lotion can block around 97% of both UV A and UV B rays. So, it is very important that you read the label before you buy the product as some sunscreen are only effective against UV A rays.

2. Apply The Sunscreen Before You Step Out

Apply sunscreen before stepping out

You should always apply your sunscreen 15-30 minutes prior to the exposure. This window of time is to make sure that the sunscreen has been absorbed by the skin and the protection shield is active against all the harmful UV rays. If you wait till you are out to apply, then your skin will be exposed to the UV rays till the absorption is done by your skin. So, it is always advised to apply sunscreen prior to the exposure.

3. Apply Your Lotion Liberally

Apply liberally

Dermatologists advise to use an ounce of sunscreen for an average sized adult for complete protection. So, you have to apply your lotion liberally all over if you want complete protection from UV rays.

4. Reapply Your Lotion Often

Reapply often

Sunscreen lotions can provide protection against the sun only for a limited amount of time. So, it is important that you re-apply your lotion at regular intervals to protect yourself. This must followed without fail when you go for swimming or sun-bathing.

5. Apply Sunscreen To All Your Exposed Areas

Apply to the exposed areas

It is important that you apply your sunscreen lotion all over your body, especially the exposed parts like face, neck, hands, legs, torso etc. But it is also important that you don’t neglect the parts that are out of your reach like your back. Get help to make sure that your back is protected as well. If you are having thinning of hair, make sure to protect your scalp with a hat before you step out. And we often forget about our lips. So, make sure you are using at least SPF 15 lip balms to protect them from the harsh sun.

6. Don’t Go Au Naturel On Cloudy Days

Don't skip sunscreen on cloudy days

Just because you can’t see the sun, doesn’t mean it’s not there. So, don’t skip on your sunscreen routine on cloudy days. Around 80% of the harmful rays can damage your skin even on a cloudy day. So, never go out without shielding your skin first.

Follow these steps to obtain beautiful and nourished sun-kissed skin. And don’t let the sun stop you from having some fun.