Napping: Are You Doing It Right? Here Are 6 Tips To Help You Out

Though naps are often linked with toddlers, old people, and lazy bums, they can actually do good to everyone, no matter their age or active levels. But you have to learn to nap the right way to reap all its benefits. While a power nap taken right can recharge you for the rest of the day, the same can make you feel groggy and tired when taken the wrong way. The formula for the perfect nap involves the right timing, place, type, and technique. Yes, napping is no laughing matter. Read on to master the art of napping right.

1. Time Your Naps


It is a popular argument that napping can hinder your ability to fall asleep at night. Though this is kind of true, it applies to those naps that extend beyond the 20-30 minute time span. The idea behind a nap is to refresh your mind and body through a short break. If your nap surpasses 30 minutes, you will end up feeling drowsy and lethargic for the rest of the day. Explore different nap timings and find out what suits you the best.

2. Find The Perfect Spot


Where you nap plays a vital role on its effectiveness. The place you choose should be comfortable, quiet, cool, and preferable dark. Though such a space is easily available at home, you may have difficulty finding something similar in a professional environment- an empty conference room or any abandoned space could do the trick. Try to avoid distractions like phone calls, text messages, or any other potential distractions- all you need is an alarm to wake you up at the right time.

3. Decide On Which Nap Type Suits You The Best


Just like the timings, explore the other aspects of a nap to find out what suits you the best. Try napping by sitting up, and then try the same by lying down. Also experiment with different napping positions to see which type benefits you the most.

4. Come Up With Your Unique Technique


Find out which napping technique works for you. Do you fall asleep fast when listening to soothing music or do you sleep better in silence? Are couches more comfortable or do bean bags do the trick? Do you sleep better in loose clothing or figure hugging garments? Does a heavy lunch make you sleep better or is it the other way around? Explore the answers to these questions and design your napping technique accordingly.

5. Down A Cup Of Coffee


Yes, this sounds controversial as caffeine usually wakes you up. But it takes the caffeine about 20-25 minutes to kick into your system- the exact time required for you to take a quick power nap. This way, by the time you get up from your nap, you will feel pumped and alert like never before. Drink a cup of coffee right before you feel drowsy to get the best of its benefits.

6. Forget All Your Troubles


The golden rule for napping right is to block out all your worries and tension for a short time period. Naps require to be short, which means the faster you sleep, the better. They will not benefit you if you waste half the time you have set aside by spiraling. Just relax your muscles, relax your mind, and block out everything that is nagging you for about 30 minutes. You will have plenty of time to worry later anyway.