How To Rewire Your Brain To Overcome Fear

Overcoming fear or self-doubt is considered an impossible dream by many. When they encounter a dreadful situation, they know how their brain and the body react to it. Fleeing from the scene or situation is the easiest trick your brain knows, even though you don’t like it. Your failure to face confrontation may drain your confidence and energy in the long run. How can you undo it? Your brain is wired to behave in a particular way when fear strikes. What you have to do is rewire your brain to overcome fear. Is that possible? Read on to find out.

Need For Rewiring


Ever wondered why do you react to a few events in the same way again and again? It is because your brain is programmed to do so by your own behavior. Emotions such as anxiety, sadness, fear are known to create neural pathways in the brain. From your actions since childhood, the brain learns to relate certain responses to certain stimuli. For instance, an emotional event may result in the formation of strong connections in the brain. You may find it difficult to disconnect yourself from such lasting connections. The amygdala or fear center in your brain is wired to recognize danger and respond appropriately. Deconstructing this programmed behavior of your brain is the key to rewiring. This would enable your brain to react differently from the learned patterns of behavior.

How To Rewire Your Brain

Are you ready? These are the basic steps for you to start with. Find out a peaceful and quiet place. Don’t get distracted or disturbed during the process. Be in your comfort zone, follow these instructions to change the way you approach fear and anxiety. You need dedication and determination to practice them to make the required neural connections.

You know all your fears, right? List them. Surprised to see the long list? There is nothing to fear about the list. We will deal with it soon! Go through the list and identify the biggest fears of all – the one which sends shock waves to your brain. Circle this greatest fear on your list. Also, mention how these fears ruined your life. You could have had great fun if such fears were not there in your life.

Listing your fears down and identifying your biggest fear is the baby step you make to realize your problem. Accepting it equips you to prepare and focus on solving the problem. Additionally, understanding how they devoid your life of fun and excitement will further motivate you to confront them for your life success.

Now, you come to the important part of it – deleting these fears from your brain. You trick your brain here. Your nervous system is not able to spot any difference between real and imagined events. So, you make use of your visualization skills here. Visualize that there is a delete button on your palm or on your wrist, which connects to your amygdala or the center of your head. Then, think of the situation that you are afraid of. Your body will react to it the way it has been trained. Now, you press your delete button in your palm or wrist to erase your body’s reactions.

You can also visualize yourself as a free man as it has added benefits. Because it is often found that when you experience happiness or reward, neuromodulators like serotonin and dopamine are released. And they will help the brain rewire the new behavior. Enjoy the happiness and energy that come with the visualizations of your success without getting distracted. This will have a positive impact on your brain.

Well, this is not a one-time magic trick. You need to repeat the process till you are free of all fears. Some may take six weeks to be a free man. Others may even take twelve weeks to experience that freedom. Your aim is to train your brain to unlearn all its reactions to fears. Thus, you become a carefree person.