Opt To Replace Your Regular Bra With An Organic Hemp Bra

Do away with regular cotton bras and opt for the organic hemp bra.)

We have come to believe that cotton is the best and most skin-friendly fabric available in the market today. This is the reason most of us are always looking out to wear clothes made from cotton. The same goes for our bras as well. We mostly tend to buy those bras that are made wholly or in part of cotton. However, cotton has seen its reputation go down since a few years now and have been labelled as the “dirtiest crop in the world”.

The reason why cotton has been defamed is its relation with pesticides. Now that we are advised to do away with our regular cotton bras, the best option available is the revolutionary, organic hemp bra that would provide the same support and feel of your regular cotton bra. It is time we replace our cotton bras with these new organic bras mostly made of hemp and bamboo.

Why Is Cotton Not Recommended?

Cotton crops are one of the most common GMOs in the world

Cotton crops are one of the most common GMOs in the world. This popular crop contributes to 11% of the world’s insecticide sales and as high as 24% of the world’s pesticides sales. There is more to it: cotton is also treated with almost 15 pounds of herbicide per two and a half acres. Sounds scary, isn’t it? You are surely thinking how much harm cotton has already done to your body. Those who work directly with these insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides in cotton fields have been linked to a large number of health issues, but it doesn’t stop here. The harmful effects of cotton have knowingly and unknowingly affected its consumers as well.

A study conducted in 2007 analyzed the soil where cotton crops were grown to find residue where chemicals were used. The study tried to find out which pesticides were used and how long it took to break the chemicals down, and the following results were found:

1. Dimethoate: This is a toxin that is easily absorbed by the skin. Dimethoate poses a threat to our respiratory system, contributes to birth defects, and have been found to be a possible carcinogen as well.

2. Monocrotophos: This is a very harmful toxin that is also absorbed through the skin. The exposure to monocrotophos has found to affect the nervous system and is linked to neurological problems as well.

3. Cypermethrin: This chemical, when studied on animals, has also proved to be a possible carcinogen.

4. Endosulphan: This chemical can affect the thyroid gland, immune system, and also, the reproductive hormones.

Go Organic With Your Bras

This would sound a bit surprising, but it is absolutely true. You can go organic with your bras (if you want to go bra-less, this would serve as an excuse). Get that perfect fit and support with amazing, organic bras and stop yourself from getting affected by getting exposed to toxic substances.

Hemp has seen a lot of popularity for its use as a fiber since a few years now. Be it comfort or durability, hemp provides both. It can flourish without the use of pesticides and in fact, it has been found to be 3.3 times more durable than cotton. Now, you will not only spend lesser money on your bras, but also, wear skin-friendly, health-friendly fabric. Bamboo bras too have seen some popularity in the recent times.

Where Do You Get Hemp Bras And Other Organic Bras?

Organic bras are found in certain organic intimate wear collections

When you wear organic bras, do not worry about comfort and style as they would provide the same comfort and style that your regular bras do. There are certain organic intimate wear collections and Nomads Hemp Wear is one among them.

So, go shopping with your best friend, buy hemp bras, try them out, and walk with confidence as you put the perfect-fitting hemp bra on!