How To Create The Best Relaxing Aromatherapy Bath

How To Create The Best Relaxing Aromatherapy Bath
How To Create The Best Relaxing Aromatherapy Bath

Stressful day? Too many hours at work?  Even if you enjoy your work, slow down. You require some time off to relax your body and mind.

An excellent recommendation is to create a warm aromatherapy bath to soothe and relax yourself.

Relaxation at its peaceful best, deep breathing and the experience of communicating with your body and putting it at ease. These are the side effects of the luxurious aromatherapy bath that you can create.

Aromatherapy is user-friendly because it is a natural therapeutic system assisting the body’s ability to balance, regulate, and heal itself. Spa treatment menus will feature aromatherapy massage due to its comforting healing benefits. These essential oil blends are easily absorbed via the skin and transported throughout the body.


How to Prepare an Aromatherapy Bath

Disclaimer:  proceed with caution if you are pregnant, have allergies to specific essential oils, or have sensitive skin.

Above all, remember that: Do not use more essential oil than recommended.  It may be harmful to your skin.  So, one of the best ways to add essential oils to bath water is to first mix the aroma oils into a carrier oil.


A carrier oil is one that is unscented and considered as a base oil – such as jojoba oil, almond oil, or grapeseed oil. They can be found in health food stores, grocery stores, and drug stores.

One of my personal suggestions for a relaxing bath is to combine rose, sandalwood, and orange single note essential oils.


There are so many variations and recipes to consider. It all depends on what fragrance you resonate to.

Also, make sure you have reasons clear for an aroma bath. Here, I have discussed and promote relaxation.  There are other aroma bath recipes for muscles aches, baths to energize, and more.


My slogan is:  When in the bath – relax

1) Add 7-12 drops of essential oil to each ounce of carrier oil – 12 drops means that you like a strong fragrance.

2) Draw the bath.  Careful not to make the water too hot – or it becomes difficult to get into the tub.  Temperature of the water will be about 38 degrees Celsius /100 degrees Fahrenheit.  You will know what is best.


3) As the water is filling – add in your oil mixture to the running water in order to distribute it throughout.

4) In the meantime set up the mood.  Prepare some soothing soft music nearby, light a candle, and dim the lights. Additional mood boosters are:  a bath pillow and a warm washcloth over your eyes (made from fresh running tap water).


5) Get into the bath carefully.  Lie back and breathe deeply. Forget the day.

6) Soak in the bath about 15-20 minutes.Do not use soap or other bath products, do not wash, rinse off, or shower.

7) When finished, wrap yourself in a big fluffy towel and simply pat yourself dry to allow the moisturizing agents to stay on your skin.

Have a pleasant sleep!

I hope your bed is nearby.