7 Relationship, Intimacy, And Sex Tips For Every Woman

Relationship, Intimacy, And Sex Tips For Every Woman

Relationships are no doubt hard for everyone. And you’re bound to be overwhelmed by the constant ups and downs you often have to face. But if you are a woman and are wondering if there’s something amiss, here are 7 things about your love life that you most definitely need to know.

7 Tips On Relationships, Intimacy, And Sex For Women

1. A Solely Physical Relationship Could Turn Into An Emotional One

If Both Of You Are Keen, A Solely Physical Relationship Could Become A Great Emotional One


You may have started something off as a just sex or friends with benefits thing. And while you could leave it at that, if both of you are keen on something more, there’s a good chance it may work out. Try taking sex off the table for a while. Spend some time together just talking and figuring each other out. If both of you feel great after, it’ll bring you much closer and make you intimate on an emotional level. And what could be better than emotional and physical intimacy together?

2. Attraction Isn’t Just About Liking His Looks

Attraction Is About Liking A Guy’s Looks And His Personality


While it’s perfectly natural to be physically attracted to one another at first, it’s surely ideal when there’s more to the two of you than just that. You may be physically attracted to him. You may even have great sex. But if you aren’t compatible with one another, it could be a deal breaker. This doesn’t just mean having the same hobbies or liking the same kind of music. It means liking him as a person – things like how he handles tough situations and how he treats you. Physical attraction may last only for a while. But, if you’re connected emotionally, sparks are likely to be flying between the two of you for a long time.

3. Take The Reins Once In A While

Take Charge In The Sack Once In A While


Most guys find it incredibly attractive when the girl takes charge in bed. Make the first move and take him by surprise. You’re sure to be pleased by the outcome. However, this isn’t just about sex. If there’s someone you really like, ask him out first. You might just find out he’s just as into you too.

4. It’s Okay To Not Want To Get Busy All The Time

It’s Okay To Not Be In The Mood For Sex Occasionally


If he says he doesn’t feel like it, he’s probably exhausted or isn’t in the mood. And that’s okay. Give him some space. Likewise, ask for space if you don’t feel like it either. This will only increase the love and trust between the two of you.

5. Enjoy His Hobbies And Your Own

Enjoy The Interests You Don’t Have In Common With Him By Yourself And Try Out His Hobbies Too


There’s a good chance that both of you might not share the same interests. But, while this is the case, neither of you should have to give up what you love. You should be able to enjoy your individual hobbies on your own. That said, if he likes going to art museums, go with him once in a while and try to enjoy the experience. You might even end up liking it in the long run. Likewise, if you like to go dancing, get him to go with you every now and then. He might come to love it too.

6. Say Exactly What You Mean

Don’t Expect Him To Read Between The Lines


If you want to tell him something, say it outright without twisting it around and beating around the bush. Avoid being passive aggressive about it as well. It’s not fair for anyone to have to read between the lines. And it doesn’t make sense for you to expect that and get upset when things don’t turn out your way.

7. Communication Is Key

Talk To Him About Happy Things And Problems While Listening To Anything He Has To Say


It’s extremely important to talk about things. You might think there is a problem when he might not even have noticed it. Also, it doesn’t always have to be about something upsetting. You might be really happy about something that happened to you and might want to share it with him. Likewise, it’s just as important to listen and pay attention when he talks. Speaking about things with one another and actually being a part of each other’s lives is crucial for a happy relationship.

Keep these tips in mind to enjoy every moment of sex, intimacy, and your relationship.