Reiki: Heal PMS Anger By Connecting With Your Uterus

Reiki Heal PMS Anger By Connecting With Your Uterus
Reiki Heal PMS Anger By Connecting With Your Uterus

Your uterus is the most powerful organ you have. It can expand and contract like no other organ in your body. It has the power to give birth and create! You are here on this planet thanks to this incredible part of the body.

Having a healthy uterus is not only essential for birthing life, it also relates metaphysically to our capacity to birth our dreams and visions! So how can Reiki help you to develop a beautiful and harmonious relationship with your uterus?


What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a balancing treatment rather than a cure for specific symptoms. One of the reasons scientists struggle to measure the effects of Reiki is due to the fact that it doesn’t work in a linear fashion. Reiki encourages us towards wholeness by activating the body’s natural healing response which starts the amazing process of rebalancing.

We might find relief from a headache, for example, after a Reiki session but this is not guaranteed as the underlying cause of the headache may be elsewhere in the body and may require more time to come to a balance.


Although Reiki doesn’t work in a way that can immediately treat specific symptoms, it can be used along with visualization and intention for particular areas of your body. So this is not traditional Reiki, it’s a fusion of Reiki and mind-power!

Anger During PMS

Have you ever had PMS? Most women, (and indirectly, men) have experienced the “joys” of pre-menstrual madness. From feeling a little annoyed and frustrated to full-blown phone-throwing rage, the dominant emotion during these times is anger, which expresses itself in different forms.


Nothing is purposeless. Everything has a function, so what is the function of anger around the time of menstruation?

Good circulation is essential for a healthy uterus. If the blood isn’t able to flow well in this area and we don’t do enough to increase circulation, our body responds with the energy of anger to help get things flowing.


Anger really gets things moving! The uterus also contracts more forcefully to help in this process and it can be highly unpleasant and painful. Instead of relying on anger, there are other ways that can help to get things flowing more harmoniously.

Treating PMS Anger Through Reiki

Along with regular exercise and a healthy way of eating, Reiki can be used to ease the pain and discomfort of menstruation. This self-treatment method is a combination of Reiki, Yoga, Chinese Medicine, meditation, and visualization, which I’ve found to be highly effective. You can also do this if you don’t know Reiki, especially if you enjoy visualization. This practice is best done lying down.

  1. Create a comfortable and relaxing space for the session
  2. Connect with Reiki (energy) using your preferred method
  3. Place both hands over your uterus area and connect with your uterus, allowing Reiki to be drawn naturally. It helps to do some research on exactly where the uterus is and what it looks like. Knowing what a healthy uterus looks like will help with visualization
  4. Keep one hand over the area of the uterus and move one hand to your crown. Feel the connection between your brain and your uterus. This circuit reminds the brain and the uterus to communicate well. The brain knows which information to send to the uterus so you are just reminding it to take a look at what needs to be done.
  5. Bring the hand from your crown to your heart and feel the connection between the heart and uterus. Blood circulates naturally between your heart and uterus. Feel the strength of your heart to constantly supply your body with blood. Give thanks for this beautiful co-operation between your heart and uterus.
  6. With both hands over your uterus, inhale deeply, breathing into your uterus, visualizing white healing light enveloping your uterus. Exhale through the mouth imagining any pain or discomfort leaving your uterus as black light. Repeat this until the black light becomes lighter and lighter and eventually it turns to pure white light. I learned this light meditation from an amazing Chinese Medicine practitioner in Taiwan!
  7. You may end the session there or continue with Reiki as you like.
  8. Finally, raise your legs up and bring them to rest against a wall at 90 degrees to your body. Relax and remain like this with eyes closed for at least 5mins. This is a simple yogic technique for the sublimation of dense menstrual energy.

What a beautiful way to use Reiki and visualization around the time of menstruation or whenever you wish to connect with your creative potential.

Connecting With Your Uterus

Connecting with your uterus as often as possible helps you to appreciate and align yourself with its incredible creative power. A healthy connection between your heart and uterus supports the creative flow of your ideas and dreams.


Dreams that come from the heart are always the most authentic and successful. Honor your uterus and tap into your natural creative power to birth what you envision for your life!