5 Reasons You May Not Be In The Mood For Sex

There can be various reasons you don't want to have sex.

Sex is a human need, much like sleep or hunger, so it’s no wonder that most of the world is in the mood to indulge often. There are plenty of articles on the internet that give helpful tips to spice up your sex life, improve your sexual stamina and find new ways to experiment among a wide array of other sexual topics. However, how many of us really talk about not being in the mood? Those who do bring up the fact that they aren’t enjoying anything related to sex, or don’t feel like they are in the mood are regarded as an anomaly. In many cases, it is women who feel a disinterest for sex, even when their partners may be in the mood. It is perfectly natural sometimes to not feel like having sex, but when it is prolonged, it can be a cause for concern. Below are some reasons your libido may not be functioning well.

1. Stress

Stress is a mood killer

Stress takes

the fun away from everything, sex included. In our hectic, modern day, no one is immune to stress, and thanks to social media and increased work pressures, most of us are stretched thin due to tremendous stress levels. In men, sex works as a stress buster, but this may not always be the case with women. You need to be receptive and relaxing in order to enjoy sex, and stress takes away all the pleasure. In order to find a way to enjoy sex again, reducing stress in imperative. Everyone has different ways to unwind, so take some time and refresh yourself. Find a place that helps you to take the stress away as well as enjoy sexual activity, like booking a hotel room for the weekend.

2. Exhaustion

Lack of sleep affects the libido

With stress and work comes exhaustion, and this can make it impossible for you to take part in sexual activity. This is especially true for anyone that has to

juggle a job as well as motherhood as well as mothers who are taking care of multiple children through the day. If you’re not getting enough sleep and rest time, your libido tends to shut down. Making sure to give your body enough rest can reset your libido and bring back your desire, but if you are still feeling chronically tired, you may want to consult a medical practitioner. Many women can have iron deficiency, for example, and one of the first symptoms is a loss of interest in sex.

3. Pain

Pain can reduce desire to have sex

You have to enjoy sex to want more of it, but if you’re just not liking it, it’s only natural that you’re no longer in the mood. Pain can make sex dreadful, and even cause your libido to completely shut down. There are many things that can cause discomfort and pelvic pain during sex, from infections to vaginismus (spasms in vaginal walls). It could be something

serious like an STD, or it could just be that you don’t have enough lubrication. Try using lube or indulging in more foreplay if it’s the latter case, but if the pain still continues, it is important to approach a medical practitioner to understand the reason.

4. Birth Control

Birth control pills affect hormones

While birth control pills give you more freedom in the sexual realm, it could also affect your hormones and simmer down your desire to have sex. This is because birth control pills reduce the amount of free testosterone (which gives your libido a boost) in the body, and this affects some women more than others. Moreover, the pill also reduces the mid-cycle estrogen peak that comes before ovulation and gets you in the mood, so it affects your sexual desire in important ways. If you feel like you haven’t been sexually aroused since taking the pill, talk to your doctor about other contraceptive methods, like the IUD, which works well

and doesn’t affect your hormone levels.

5. Body Image Issues

Body image issues can make a woman avoid sex

Thanks to the media and unrealistic societal expectations, many women face body image issues that make them feel too self conscious to be able to enjoy sex. A woman may feel very uncomfortable while taking her clothes off or being naked, and avoids sex altogether if she feels too unattractive. A lot of women feel bloated and unattractive after giving birth, for example, and may want to avoid sex to stop their partners from seeing their body. A strong relationship that has good communication can help to solve this problem between partners. However, if you are not able to maintain a relationship because you aren’t able to have sex due to the body image issues, a mental health counselor can help you to resolve any past or underlying issues.