5 Reasons You’re Unable To Meditate

“Quite the mind,” says your inner meditation guru as you close your eyes to concentrate on the breath.

Then your thoughts go haywire thinking of everything you need to do.

  • Pick up the kids at 3 pm.
  • Bake cookies for everyone in cub scouts.
  • Buy the hubby tickets to see his favorite sports team play.

Then you think of the new tactic you want to pursue in your online business. Maybe start a blog or post that delicious cookie recipe to Pinterest.

Wait…I thought this article was about meditation?


If you’re the average meditator, your mind is bound to jump all over the place. There’s an abundance of stimuli while your goal is to concentrate on what you’re able to control.

That sounds nice, but why can’t you seem to truly quiet the mind? Why does it keep running all over the place?


Here are five reasons why you’re unable to meditate:

1. You’re Distracted



This is obvious, yet so many like to meditate next to the television or near the kitchen next to the to-do list.When you look at places that evoke an emotionally charged reaction, there’s a high likelihood those distractions will come along the ride in your meditation journey.

To resolve this challenge, pick a meditation location that doesn’t have any distractions.


2. You Keep Making Excuses


The first time you tried to meditate was too hard so you never tried again. Just like building a muscle, meditation takes patience. It’s a practice that requires repetition, focus, and concentration.

  • Pick one time of the day and stick to that time.
  • Use cues and reminders to help stick to that plan.

In my home, I have a blanket that I use for my meditation every morning. When I wake up and see that blanket, I know that’s my cue to practice.

3. You’re Too Hard On Yourself



No one is perfect at meditation. The reason you say you’re unable to meditate is because you think you’re bad at it. You think you’re not a monk or religious.

There are no qualifications to meditate.The only requirement is that you free yourself of judgment. Be kind to yourself. Your mind and body are a temple. Speak with a loving tone and meditation will become much easier.

4. You Never Got Any Instructions


There are hundreds of websites, Youtube tutorials, and apps that show you how to meditate. Google instructions on “how to meditate.”The challenge is that you don’t know which instructions to follow.

I recommend you try as many as possible. Experiment and see which ways work best for you. There’s not a one size fits all approach to meditation.You don’t have to stick to one regiment or technique forever. You can use different techniques over the course of your meditation journey.

5. You’re Not Disciplined


Meditation should be practiced frequently to see long term benefits. It needs to be practiced every day if you want to experience the fruits of your labor.

The best part about meditation is that you get to explore and understand parts of yourself that were hidden. Meditation extracts the stories and scripts that run through your mind so you can free yourself of all emotional and mental suffering.

Once you become disciplined in your practice, your whole world will change. Meditation has the ability to transform your heart, mind, and soul.

If you’re ready to make meditation part of your daily routine, I recommend you start small.

  • Start with five minutes of meditation day.
  • Focus on the breath in a quiet room.
  • Sit up and let your mind wander. Don’t punish yourself for letting your mind wander.
  • Gently ask your mind to return to the breath and keep calm.

You’re training your mind like an animal. Be patient and loving. Your mind will thank you for many, many years to come.