5 Reasons Women Stay In Toxic Relationships

Toxic relationships can take a toll on your overall well being

Toxic relationships can be hard to figure sometimes, we may not know we are in one until we are out of one. A toxic person can take everything out of you, leave you wanting more from them and end up making you think that you’re never going to be good enough no matter what you do. Some of the main characteristics of a toxic relationship are that your partner makes you feel like you’re demanding too much from them, they are never giving you enough affection and sometimes even make you wonder if there is someone else in the picture, and they are unwilling to commit to anything you say or want. You constantly feel unloved, unappreciated and disrespected by the person, and they even get you to think that it’s your fault. They may play the victim card enough times for you to believe that you are needed, but your needs and desires and never met. It may seem like knowing this is reason enough to leave a relationship behind, but things are never that simple. Below are some

of the most common reasons women don’t want to leave a toxic relationship, and some words that might help to gain more perspective:

1. We Are Afraid There’s Nothing Out There For Us

We don't think we are good enough.

Once we are in the toxic relationship, we may start believing things that we never thought we would have to. A toxic person makes us feel like we amount up to nothing, and because we care so deeply for them, we might end up believing it to be true. We feel afraid that no one else is going to love us, and staying with someone that puts up with us is better than being broken and alone. However, to get a better perspective, make a list of all the negative things a toxic person tells you about yourself, and talk to a close friend or someone you trust about what they believe of you. When you can understand that you aren’t a worthless person

from other people, you can begin to believe that you deserve better.

2. We Are Afraid It’s The Wrong Time

We think the're dealing with too much already

Whenever we do make up our mind to leave the toxicity behind, the partner always makes us feel like their life is chaotic and they need our support. They make us feel guilty for leaving, and suddenly become needy when it is time for us to go. They may bring up their childhood traumas, their exes their impact, their terrible work stress or any other excuse that makes it seem like a break up is the last thing they need. There is never a good time for this though, because every time you try to bring up your requirements, they will find a way to make you feel guilty about what you are asking. You will never be given the chance to have your say, and you will always be disrespected. So the next time you

need to talk to your toxic partner, stand your ground and tell them your list of needs and requirements from the relationship. Remember what you need for yourself, and know that you deserve better, and have your own back.

3. We Are Scared That He Will Suffer Without Us

We think they might blame their pain on us.

Sometimes, a toxic partner makes you feel like they cannot function without you, and even go as far as to tell you that you will be the reason they get hurt or hurt themselves in the future. This naturally causes a lot of fear, and we think a hundred times about whether we want to be the “bad guy” and cause terrible pain in our partner’s life. However, you are not responsible for the choices another person makes. They have autonomy in their life and freedom of choice, just like you do. If you are made to feel guilty because you are putting your self respect, sanity and

your well being above everything else, this is just another tactic to control you. Too often, partners bluff because they know we will cave. Knowing that you need to walk away after certain boundaries are crossed will make all the difference in your life.

4. We Are Worried About Our Biological Clock

We are afraid we will not be able to have children.

This case is especially true for women in their 30s and 40s. Women who want to become mothers know that there is a deadline for having a child, and think that it’s too much work to start over again. They believe that their only chance to have a child will be gone if they leave behind a partner. However, imagine raising a child with a toxic partner, and think of the consequences of being extremely unhappy throughout your life and raising a child in that environment. Having a child isn’t enough, a child also needs a stable, loving and supportive family. Biology might seem like

an issue, but it cannot be the reason to stay in a toxic and unhealthy relationship.

5. We Think He Will Be Better For The Next Person

We feel we won't be able to experience their best once we leave.

Finally, we think that everything we have tried to teach them will be given to the next person, and we will never be able to get the best out of our partner for ourselves. We believe that they will marry someone great and be happy, and thus make us see that we were the ones at fault after all. However, do we really want to worry about changing the toxic person instead of changing ourselves? Think more about your perfect future and relationship with someone you would want to be with and someone who can treat you with love and respect. This can help you to understand that their potential future does not matter in comparison to a real and better future for you.