5 Reasons Why You Should Never Have House Guests Right After Having a Baby

Every expectant mom is armed with a birth plan. But, do you have a postpartum plan? The postpartum period is all about baby and mom-care. It helps to have a plan in place for the first few weeks. Because you will have a long list of friends and family waiting to hold your little bundle of joy, denying you some quiet time with the baby. Setting visitation boundaries for guests should be given priority in your postpartum strategy for all the good reasons.

You love to see people adoring your little love. But, the first few weeks are definitely not the right time to entertain that. You can wait until you come to terms with your motherhood and your baby settles down in his/her new world. If you are not yet convinced, understand these reasons why you should never have house guests right after having a baby.


You Need Rest

You just delivered a baby! You need to take care of yourself after childbirth. What you need to do is postpartum cocooning.

Your body has undergone numerous changes to accommodate your baby and it needs time to get back to prepregnancy mode. Moreover, you will have wounds from a vaginal birth or a c-section and you need to give ample time for them to heal. Moving around and attending your guests is definitively not a good idea when your body tries to cope with postpartum challenges.


You Need Time To Bond With Your Baby

Meeting your little love after nine months of wait! Don’t you think the best thing is to spend some quiet time with your baby without any noise from guests?

Giving baby bath, breastfeeding him/her and changing the diapers – a lot of firsts in your life. And you need time to embrace the beauty of motherhood and enjoy every aspect of it. Unwanted guests at an unexpected time will spoil the whole experience for you.


You Need To Breastfeed

Nursing a newborn is indeed challenging. You may have read everything about breastfeeding. But, when you hold your newborn and try to breastfeed, you will know what your friends were talking about.

It takes some time for you to find a position that is comfortable for you and your baby. And your baby will also struggle till he/she finds a good latch. Well, those initial days may not be that great. Moreover, your hungry baby gets up every three hours for breastmilk. In the midst of guests, you will not be comfortable in feeding your baby too.


Hosting People Is Stressful

Postpartum stress is too much to handle. Meeting the constant needs of your baby involves so much of energy and time. At the end of the day, you will be exhausted. Do you think you will have the energy to entertain the never-ending flow of guests?

Baby’s nap time is your nap time. When you are surrounded by guests, you will have to keep entertaining them and you won’t be able to sleep at all. Socializing is good as it keeps you in touch with the outside world and saves you from baby blues. But you can wait a little longer. Stay away from the strain of entertaining guests for the time being. Moreover, the amount of advice from visitors may frighten you.


Guests Can’t Help You

A newborn loves to be with his/her mom all the time. Her voice is enough to soothe the baby. Your little one wants you to respond to his/her cries and feed him/her. No random guest can do anything to comfort your baby. Instead, their loud voices and foreign faces may scare them.

Of course, your immediate family members need to be there to help you manage everything after delivery. They help you with household chores and baby care. But, that does not happen with everyday guests who come to meet your new baby.


Well, ladies, hibernate at home with your bundle of love and your partner till you feel happy to welcome guests.