6 Reasons Why You Should Have Rats As Pets

Don’t freak out just yet. Rats make amazing pets just like dogs or cats. If you listen to pet rat owners, they will tell you tales of how adorable their furball pets are and how they hang out on the couch together.

Domesticated rats are also known as fancy rats. Their personality is completely different to wild rats you see on the streets or anywhere else. Fancy rats love hanging out with humans. And there are so many different types of rats you could choose from.

Reasons Why Rats Are Amazing Pets

1. They Make Great Starter Pets

Reasons Why Rats Make Great Pets They Make Great Starter Pets

Never taken care of a pet before? Looking for an “easy” pet for your children? Rats are your best bet. They are easy to take care of, independent, and loyal furry creatures. Their size makes it easy for children and new pet owners relatively easy to handle.

2. They Are Super Smart And Empathetic

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That’s right. Rats are intelligent beings and studies suggest they can make decisions by themselves, a reason why they are popularly used in psychological studies. An interesting research found out rats are very empathetic too. A rat was let free in area and was given two options in front of him – one with a container holding chocolate and the other was a trapped rat friend. The rat found a way to rescue his friend rat, released him, and the moved to the chocolate, which he shared with his friend.1

3. They Love Human Company

Reasons Why Rats Make Great Pets They Love Human Company

Rats get excited when they see their owners. They love hanging out on their owner’s shoulders or in their

lap. With training, they can recognize your voice and respond in attention when you call out their name. When they feel very comfortable and secure, they begin to groom their owners just like grooming another rat!

4. They Are Low-Maintenance

Reasons Why Rats Make Great Pets They Are Low Maintenance

Rats are extremely easy to handle and don’t demand attention. They don’t take up much space and they can entertain themselves, especially if they have other rats in the cage. They also love stimulating games like running through tunnels and ramps.

5. They Are Squeaky Clean

Reasons Why Rats Make Great Pets They Are Squeaky Clean

They love being clean. In fact, rats groom themselves more than a cat and don’t require frequent bathing. Their fur is usually spotless and ever so shiny. They mark a territory in their cage and stick to it for their business. Rats also like

to arrange their food into piles.

6. They Love Getting Their Tummy Rubbed

 Reasons Why Rats Make Great Pets They Love Getting Their Tummy Rubbed

Just like any other furry creature, rats love petting. You cant pet them behind their ears or along their back. Their favorite spot is when you rub their tummy. Also, the squeaky noise they make during a tummy rub is supposed to be laughter, suggests a study. It also revealed rats develop a deeper bond with people who tickle and make them laugh.2

If you are concerned that an owning a rat could increase the risk of getting a disease, domesticated rats posses as much as harm as a domesticated dog or cat. It’s the wild rat you need to be concerned about.

If you are planning to get

rats as pets, try to get more than one, because they are the happiest when they have other rat cagemates. Like taking care of any pet, please ensure you get your rats vaccinated before bringing them home. Also, make sure to clean the cage once a week to prevent your pet rats from getting sick or infected. Even though rats don’t live as long as cats or dogs, they form a long-lasting relationship with their owners.