5 Reasons Why You Should Always Pee After Sex

Peeing after sex prevents UTI’s.

We’ve all heard it at least once. Your gynecologist, your friends, your mother. Everybody constantly tells you that you need to do this. Perhaps you do it religiously, or not at all. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to know why they recommend this hygiene ritual every time you decide to get down and dirty between the sheets.

What Is UTI?

The reasoning behind peeing after sex is because it’s a measure to prevent UTI’s (urinary tract infections). UTI’s are caused by microbes that enter the urinary tract and overcome the body’s defenses. This leads to burning sensations when you pee, the constant need to pee and if the infection is in the upper tract, it is usually accompanied by chills, fever, and nausea.


Why You Should Pee After Sex

1. Sex Introduces Bacteria

Sex introduces bacteria in the urethra and urinary tract.

During intercourse and penetration, it’s likely that a lot of bacteria can be introduced to the opening of the urethra through the penis, fingers, or even the mouth. It doesn’t just have to be external bacteria, but fecal matter as well. There is only a small bit of skin that separates the vagina from the anus so this isn’t impossible. You need to be especially careful to change condoms when switching from anal sex to vaginal sex.


2. Women Have Shorter Urethras

Bacteria can easily travel through a short urethra.

Women are much more susceptible to UTIs because they have shorter urethras. This is great news for bacteria because they don’t have to travel far to get into your bladder and cause havoc in the form of an infection.


3. Urine Flushes Out Bacteria

The bacteria is dislodged by urine and flushed out.

A strong stream of urine can dislodge the bacteria in the tract and flush it out before it can become a full-fledged UTI. This keeps your urinary tract, clean and free of any infection-causing bacteria.


4. Women May Need To Pee Anyway

Women may naturally need to pee after stimulation.

Most women don’t really need to force themselves to pee after sex. Most stimulation, especially of the G-spot can make most women naturally feel the need to pee. Instead of holding it in, you might as well relieve yourself and be more comfortable. If you never really feel the need to, you may not be hydrating yourself enough.


5. UTIs Are Painful

In severe cases, UTI’s can cause abdominal pain and fevers.

If you’ve never had a UTI, you must have crazy luck. To say they are unpleasant is an understatement. Not only do you feel a burning sensation every time you pee, you will feel an uncomfortable pressure in your bladder almost constantly. If it gets severe, you may even develop a fever and abdominal pain.


Do You Really Need To Pee Immediately?

  • Jumping out of bed right after can be a bit insensitive and a mood killer. Doctors say that you don’t really need to go pee as soon as sex is over. Instead, you can afford to stay in bed for up to half an hour. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep before flushing those nasty germs out of your system.
  • Some of you may be extremely confused because you never or rarely get UTIs even though you don’t exactly follow through with this norm. In that case, you may be one of the lucky few whose systems work extremely well enough on their own. You can continue doing what you do.
  • If you’ve gotten 2 or more UTI’s within the last six months or more than 3 within the year, you may just be prone. In which case, you definitely need to pee soon after sex to prevent any chance of infection.


It’s important to note that you shouldn’t pee before sex because you will be emptying your bladder. This makes it harder for you to be able to pee after sex.

Ultimately you’re better off safe than sorry. You may not need to jump right out of bed and interrupt an intimate moment, but you’d be doing yourself a favor if you remember to go to the bathroom at some point.