8 Reasons Why Women Avoid Sex During Pregnancy

It’s true that you are free from worries about contraception, conception, and you will feel sexier than ever during pregnancy, but hello! with belly size growing big by the day, it isn’t always easy. Wondering why those horny nights fizzle out once you get the bump? Chill! There are reasons behind it.

When you are pregnant, you are allergic to touch, smell, and go crazy about anything and everything. We say, blame the hormones! Here are some reasons why women say no to sex during pregnancy.


1. Your Smell Is Such A Turn-Off!

Haven’t you heard? Pregnant women have heightened sense of smell and are top-notch sniffers. This heightened sense of smell can make your nose wrinkle and go away from your partner. Suddenly you hate the scent of your favorite food or wanting to inhale that perfume in boots? Welcome to the new world of the pregnancy-induced super sense of smell. The bad odor is a turn-off. Despite your partner’s regular baths, you might feel that his skin emits an odor that no one could even smell! Forget swinging from the chandeliers every night, we don’t appreciate your proximity, period!

2. We Aren’t Flexible Like A Jelly Anymore!

Let’s face the hard truth. The most sexciting positions are a distant dream now, as you can see my dear, there’s a big bump and swollen feet. Being pregnant makes us feel like a sloth bear. You dare not give that muscle twitch trying out the raunchy positions on the bed, Thank you very much. Now, don’t blame us, it’s the rising progesterone levels.


3. We Might Explode Any Minute, Stay Away!

You might break the water! That’s exactly what your mind screams every time you try to have sex. While this is not true, the anxiety that it might happen cannot be taken away. It is a simple fact that when you are too anxious, you aren’t gonna enjoy sex! So, just stay away.

4. We Aren’t Quite Interested!

Having sex during pregnancy is out of the world. It might be true to some women and quite the opposite to others. Sex is the last thing that crosses their mind. The way each pregnant woman react to sex is unique and it is due to the hormones again!


5. Oh! Please, Don’t Wake Me Up!

You go dead tired at the end of the day and love falling asleep early these days. Lethargy comes along with pregnancy. Sex is exhausting, how much ever fun it might be! Tell your partner not to be surprised to see you all snuggled up in bed and not clearly waiting for him! You just want to sleep, as simple as that!

6. We Don’t Feel Hot!

Talk about those freckles and pigmentation that comes as a bonus with pregnancy. No, of course, you don’t want your partner to see all those up close. You don’t feel hot and that’s the end of story. So stay away for some time.


7. Don’t Start The Labor Yet!

Did you know that an orgasm can trigger labor? Yes! That’s scary. Some women with high-risk pregnancies are prone to induce preterm labor by having sex. This is because the uterus contracts and a hormone called oxytocin is released when you experience an orgasm. Also, semen contains natural prostaglandins which stimulate the cervix and start contractions.

8. Oh, Hello! The Baby Is Watching!

While this may sound very silly, some women do feel that the little bun inside is a witness to your whole private affair. If you feel very conscious, just let your partner know. This can keep you away from sex.


It is safe to have sex during pregnancy unless you have any medical issues. But, as we all know, each one is unique and the right to indulge in some pleasure or not remains only with you!