10 Reasons Why Stress Is More Dangerous In Women Under 50

Stress more dangerous in women under 50

Most of us believe heart diseases happen among older people. But, a recent study claims women under 50 have a high risk of getting heart issues, including a heart attack. Why? Because of the mounting amount of stress young women carry.

Several young adults dismiss stress as part of life in the 21st century. But, the truth is that your body will soon show signals when there’s an overload of stress. Like a frequent headache or feeling extremely tired on most days. Still think it’s a tiny issue? Here is what happens to your mind and body when you are extremely stressed.


1. Risk Of Heart Diseases

Stress more dangerous in women under 50 heart disease risk

Most women get used to living with an extreme amount of stress and this takes a toll on their heart.


A recent study found out highly stressed women under 50 had significantly lesser blood flow to the heart than young men and older women. Reduced blood flow could lead to heart attack in the future. The study further revealed women between 30-50 years of age, who had the sole responsibility to look after a house, with multiple jobs, and caring for young children have the highest risk of getting a heart attack.1


2. Constant Fatigue

Stress more dangerous in women under 50 constant fatigue

Do you find yourself simply exhausted at the end of the day? You believe no amount of sleep is going to get rid of this feeling. Stress is one of the main culprits behind fatigue. When your mind is on an overdrive, your body is going to feel the exhaustion.


3. Prone To Sleep Disorders

Stress more dangerous in women under 50 sleep issues

When you are constantly facing stressful situations, it’s going to impact your sleep. There could be nights when no amount of tossing and turning can help you fall asleep. You might be tired but you aren’t sleepy because your mind cannot relax. If this sounds like you, it’s time to hit the pause button. Otherwise, you are at risk of relying on sleeping pills, developing insomnia and sleep apnea.2


4. Irregular Periods

Stress more dangerous in women under 50 irregular periods

One study found out women with stressful jobs had a much shorter menstrual cycle than women with less stressful ones.


Stress can impact your periods as well. You could miss a period here and there, or it could come very late or early. It can also make premenstrual syndrome a lot worse. You could have painful cramps or severe mood swings. Another study claims when regularly stressed out women approach menopause, they tend to have more hot flashes than other women.


5. Poor Digestion

Stress more dangerous in women under 50 poor digestion

When most people are stressed they reach out to foods that are rich in carbs or sugar for comfort. Stress eating can trigger a lot of digestion related issues. You could have constant heartburns, a bloated tummy, and develop a risk of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).3

6. Increase Depression Risk

Stress more dangerous in women under 50 emotionally unstable

Did you know depression affects more women than men? Women are better at concealing feelings than men and the years of holding things in your mind can create a lot of distress. This could result in mood swings, feeling irritated more often, and increases a risk of depression and anxiety-related issues.

7. Weak Immune System

 Stress more dangerous in women under 50 weak immune system

An overload of stress can make you feel weak. This causes a much weaker defense system if you get sick. The ability to fight a disease or anything for that matter can reduce drastically if you are burdened with stress.

8. Low Sex Drive

Stress more dangerous in women under 50 Low Sex Drive

If you are extremely stressed, it’s going to slow things down in the bedroom as well. Feeling tired and mentally exhausted can reduce and diminish your sexual drive. Even the thought of sex can seem daunting.

9. Skin Breakouts

Stress more dangerous in women under 50 acne breakouts

Several women experience skin breakouts when they are highly stressed. This is because stress releases cortisol and this, in turn, produces more oil. When there is a spike in oil production, it forms acne. And doesn’t stop there. Stress can also trigger rash and hives.

10. Hair Loss

Stress more dangerous in women under 50 hair loss

Are you losing a lot of hair? Do you think your hairline is receding? Blame it on stress. One research claims stress is one of the contributing factors of alopecia areata. Being constantly tensed can damage the life cycle of your hair and as a result, it falls at a much faster rate.

We know you have a lot to be stressed out. But, the superwoman in you needs a little “me” time. Regular exercise or yoga can make you feel better. Prioritize things as much as you can. Eat plenty of healthy foods and squeeze in some fun.