5 Reasons Why Social Support Is Crucial During Pregnancy

Pregnancy social support: 5 Reasons Why Social Support Is Crucial During Pregnancy

Social support: 5 Reasons Why Social Support Is Crucial During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a difficult and emotional phase of a woman’s life. It is a phase when your body goes through several changes. You have a big responsibility of nurturing a tiny human being inside you, and it is certainly not an easy task. The good news is that you don’t have to go through this alone. You should get all the help you need from everyone around you – your partner, family, friends, colleagues, and even employer. You have the right to ask for help and the right to get it no matter how petty the reason is. Social support goes a long way in helping you through your 9-month-long ordeal, and your time as a new mother. Support does not always mean help with material things. When your hormones are creating a havoc in your mind, emotional support is extremely important. Having someone to talk to and listen to you affects your well being. You should work on your social support system even before you are pregnant. Surround yourself with positive people you can trust, and they will be there for you when you need them. Here are some of the ways social support during pregnancy benefits you.


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1. It Reduces Childbirth Complications

Childbirth complications: 5 Reasons Why Social Support Is Crucial During Pregnancy


Women who have support from their loved ones during pregnancy, and support from their partner during labor and delivery, have fewer complications during childbirth.1 When someone it there for you, you get the much-needed encouragement to give it your all. You have someone to fall back on, and you get the strength to keep your head straight and to push your little one out.

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2. It Reduces Pregnancy Depression

Pregnancy depression: 5 Reasons Why Social Support Is Crucial During Pregnancy

Many women experience severe depression during pregnancy for a number of reasons. The most obvious way of coping with depression is by sitting alone and letting negative thoughts take over. Being alone when you are depressed will make your condition much worse. You should talk to people, and let them know what you are going through. Start by talking to your partner and your close family members. They will be able to console you and guide you. Soon start talking about things that don’t concern your pregnancy. Sometimes, taking your mind off of your pregnancy will do wonders for your mental health.


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3. It Improves Your Quality Of Life

Happy pregnant woman: 5 Reasons Why Social Support Is Crucial During Pregnancy


It’s not like you are going to crumble and break down completely if you don’t get enough social support during pregnancy, but it can help. Just know that because you are pregnant, you are doing more already. Don’t take too much stress at work. Talk to your employer. Reduced workload can make you feel much better about yourself. Let your partner handle some of the housework and there is definitely no shame in asking for a massage when you need one. The reduction in stress that comes from leading an easier and happier life improves your health.

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4. It Reduces Pregnancy Stress

Pregnancy stress: 5 Reasons Why Social Support Is Crucial During Pregnancy

Light stress during pregnancy is normal, but too much stress is not good for you and your little one. Chronic stress affects the brain development of your little one, which can lead to behavioral issues later on. It also leads to developmental abnormalities in the fetus, complications during birth, and preterm births. Strong social support helps reduce the stress of pregnancy. You should share your troubles with your loved ones. Not only will you get material assistance but strong emotional support.


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5. It Reduces Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression: 5 Reasons Why Social Support Is Crucial During Pregnancy

Strong support during pregnancy reduces the chances of postpartum depression.2 During the third trimester your placenta releases a stress hormone called placental corticotropin-releasing hormone (pCRH). Women who experience a dramatic increase in pCRH experience the most severe postpartum depression. Women with strong social support during the entire course of their pregnancy report the lowest levels of the hormone during their third trimester and are less likely to go into depression after giving birth.

Support from people around you can only make your life as a pregnant woman and as a mother easier. Be open to help and if you feel you are not getting enough, voice it out. Many times, the major support comes after you give birth. People may not realise how much help you need when you are pregnant. They may be unaware of the fact that you need more support from them. Being quiet and giving into your emotions hardly ever does the trick.