8 Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships May Not Work

Relationships, in general, require a lot of effort to keep them going, making them fairly difficult to maintain. Add distance to that equation, and things get twice as hard. More often than not, long distance relationships don’t work out and there are a lot of reasons for this. That said, there are also many people who put in extra effort and time for the one they love and make their way through every obstacle in their path.

Here are 8 reasons why a long distance relationship may not work out.

Why Long Distance Relationships Don’t Always Work

1. Difficulty In Communicating

Long Distance Relationships Make Communication Difficult

If you suddenly attempt a long distance relationship, the first thing you and your partner are likely to do is to try and set up a schedule for communication. You dedicate certain parts of your day to talk to each other over the phone or to video call each other. Although this is mostly a good thing, it makes communication a little

harder and to a certain extent forced. Also, your work schedules may not always allow you to talk to one another at the same time every day.

Think about how you used to spend time when you weren’t doing long distance. You ended up talking or meeting when you could. That’s probably what you should be doing now too. That way, talking to each other won’t feel forced and like a burden.

2. Change In Worldview

Changing As A Person May Spell Trouble In A Long Distance Relationship

If you’re in a long distance relationship, it’s because you or your partner is in a different phase of life. You’ve moved to a new place, so you’re surrounded by new people. And as hard as it is to accept it, any change in environment or people around you is bound to make you change. These changes play a huge role in influencing your worldview and tend to change you as a person. After a while, that’s probably

who you become; suddenly, you and your partner don’t see eye to eye anymore because one of you has become a different person, making you estranged from one another.

3. Money Troubles

Traveling To Meet Your Partner Often May Cause Money Problems

While it might be fun to visit your partner in another city or country, traveling for hours and, sometimes, days to meet your partner every now and then can work out more expensive than you think. If you’re living on your own, there’s a good chance your expenses might peak enough to make it hard to pay rent.

You might also end up losing precious work time and miss out on possible opportunities that come your way because you’re often unavailable. So, prioritize your responsibilities. Ensure that you visit your partner once in a while so that frequent traveling doesn’t leave a huge hole in your pocket.

4. Not Enough Physical Intimacy

Sex Becomes Infrequent In A Long Distance Relationship

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Physically being away from one another can take a toll on your sexual needs. While a lot of long distance couples make do with phone sex or video call each other to stay intimate, it gets hard in the long run to make do with just that. A long dry spell is likely to leave you frustrated and unhappy.

Some couples are open about their sexual needs and have a don’t ask don’t tell policy, but that sort of thing isn’t for everyone. Know what you’re getting into, and don’t agree to something you’re not comfortable with.

5. Hitting A Dead End

You Might Hit A Dead End Soon In A Long Distance Relationship

People usually keep long distance relationships going because both partners hope to reunite in the future. And if either of you doesn’t see that happening at some point, be open about it. It doesn’t make sense to drag the relationship out

if you’re not going to be together again. Sometimes, reuniting after a long time might not work out too well either because one of you is likely to have changed in a lot of ways that might leave the other unhappy.

6. Growing Apart

A Long Distance Relationship Makes You Distant From Your Partner

Couples in long distance relationships sometimes grow apart with time so much so that there is no spark left. You may not end up speaking to each other for days for a lot of reasons, which might probably leave you wondering if you’re even a part of the other’s life anymore. Either or both of you might change so much with time that you might feel like it does not make sense to be together. If this happens, speak about it and figure out what you need to do.

7. Unwilling To Make Sacrifices

You Might Be Unwilling To Sacrifice Your Career For Your Long Distance
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In this day and age, couples are most likely to include two goal-oriented, career-driven people. Relationships, in general, need little sacrifices from both partners to keep them going. This is true to long distance relationships as well, and these sacrifices may be more than just little ones.

There might be situations where either one will probably have to leave life in one city and move to another to keep things going – this might mean leaving friends, a great job, and a city you love. If you are ever in that situation, you may not want to give up your current life to restart life elsewhere. Discuss any such decisions with your partner, and be sure that it’s what both of you want.

8. Not Being Into It

Long Distance Makes You Realize That You Weren’t Much Into Your Relationship

Sometimes, couples don’t realize that their relationship is probably just something they’ve

become used to and have become comfortable in. Distance helps you gain perspective and makes you realize you probably need to get out of the relationship you’re in if it isn’t working.

If you’re considering attempting a long distance relationship, speak with your partner and discuss these possible reasons why it may not work out. Ensure that you’re both on the same page, so it actually makes sense to invest the kind of time and energy you’d need for a long distance relationship.