7 Reasons Why Becoming A Minimalist Will Make You Happier

reasons why minimalism brings more happiness minimalist

A minimalist is someone who leads a life where nothing is done in excess so that the entire focus is on finding meaning and happiness in life. The ultimate goal of life is the pursuit of happiness. Minimalism advocates the importance of being in the pursuit of lasting happiness without finding solace in materialism.

A minimalist is whom we would refer as the ‘needs vs wants’ person. In our family/friends’ circle, it is quite seldom we come across minimalists. Conversations with them often reveal their love for an organized life with no clutter and confusion. But why are more people gravitating towards minimalism these days? Maybe, even you will, once you read the 7 reasons it could make you happier.1


1. You Focus On What Really Matters

Often we lose sight of what really matters in life, thanks to our crazy work-life routines. It is essential to remember that life on earth is an experience that needs to be cherished totally. When we run helter-skelter in pursuit of physical things, we gain them at the cost of things like health, sleep, and time with loved ones. The joy of achieving materialistic things fades away with time. Minimalism helps us to pursue the purpose of life through joy, compassion, and contribution, which gives lasting happiness.

2. You Make Decisions With Conviction 

We are surrounded by distractions of all kinds. On the telly, internet and acquaintances keep bombarding us with cues to choose something or the other. Being a minimalist prevents us from being swayed by temptations. It reminds us the importance of having core values and making decisions in life as intentionally as possible.


3. You Have Your Priorities Intact

To lead a life of quality, the right amount of attention and space is a must. If we begin to pay attention to our possessions in our living spaces, we would realize that many are just useless. Clutter restricts the flow of life-force. Fewer possessions mean, less cleaning, fewer chances of loss and eventually less expenditure. When we can live life without the things we don’t really need, life becomes happier and simpler.

4. You Find Joy In Being Resourceful

It is not self-centeredness to understand what gets your heart pumping. Only if we know what makes us unhappy, we realize what makes us happy. Remember to follow the principle of being useful to at least to one person every day. This will make a habit out of being resourceful. You have something that you no longer use, then donate it to someone who would make the most of it. If you think you can share something that could You know something that if shared could makes a positive difference, then share it with the world.


5. You Become Fearless, Flexible, And Free

Minimalism first instills in you the importance of letting go. A minimalist doesn’t bat an eyelid when it comes to changing careers, houses and traveling. If you think that the palatial house which is beyond your needs is keeping you in the job you dislike, a minimalistic approach will help you breathe easier. Understand that whatever you own will end up owning you back, so, keep a few possessions. Be fearless to change; be flexible in situations and ultimately be free!

6.You Create More And Consume Less

Minimalists are masters of recycling ideas and life-hacks. Being a minimalist means you absolutely hate wasting things and will find out ways to make something useful. More and more people are adopting the minimalist way of life hence the millions of life-hacks videos and blogs online. Look for inspiring books that could guide you to recycle right.2


7. Your Way Of Life Inspires Many Others 

We live in a world where owning the latest and the best is considered to be the coolest thing. Regardless of our insane spending power, there’s still a lot of sadness around.3 Unless we learn to feel genuinely happy, happy without possessing something but just a sound mind and body, happiness will elude us. We need to adopt minimalism and we need to inspire many others to choose this mode of life.

Be a minimalist. It is easy, effective, and creates a lot of difference to your life and the lives of those around you.