5 Reasons Why An Aggravated Pitta Dosha Causes Hair And Health Problems

We all have the Pitta Dosha. In some people, it’s the most dominant one. For others, not so much. Yet, everyone has Pitta Dosha, so it’s important to keep it balanced. Aggravating Pitta Dosha will cause hair problems. It comes down to stress, a major cause of hair loss. Pitta Dosha is the first to react to stress, so it only makes sense that Pitta Dosha is linked to hair. To keep your mane healthy, focus on balancing Pitta Dosha. Learn about the ways this Dosha influences your hair. This way, you’ll know how to keep it in check.

1. Overheating

Too much heat generated outside can affect the inner core, so keep it cool


Pitta Dosha is driven by the fire element. No wonder overheating is common problem! When this happens,
your stress levels will spike, making hair loss more likely.1 To avoid overheating, stay in a cool place. Open up the windows and turn on the fans. Work to pacify Pitta Dosha by cooling down. It’ll reduce stress and therefore, hair problems.

2. Irritability

A balanced Pitta Dosha will cause irritability and thus cause hair loss


When Pitta isn’t balanced, irritability is inevitable. It’s all thanks to the fiery nature. That irritability will fuel balding through lots of stress.2 Soothing Pitta is important. You can do this through restorative yoga moves or meditation. Take things nice and slow, and let yourself breathe.

3. Skin Rashes

Pitta Dosha imbalances will result in skin rashes that can turn into Eczema


Pitta imbalance may lead to skin rashes. If this happens on or near the scalp, your hair can take a hit. Repeated scratching will increase the risk for hair loss. You might also be tempted to use harsh hair products. Unfortunately, most are full of chemicals, a factor that contributes to graying.3 If you have a scalp rash, be gentle. Skip the potent creams. Consider using products made with witch hazel or chamomile, two remedies that relieve itching.4

4. Body Odor

Body odors tend to crop up when Pitta Dosha is imbalanced and will cause hair loss


An upset Pitta is linked to sour body odors. And if your hair starts to smell? You might be tempted to use fragrant shampoos and sprays. But this can do more harm than good. Scented products are rich in toxins. Constant exposure might make your hair weak. It’ll also slow down the growth of melanocytes, the pigment cells that give your hair color.5 Opting for essential oils and natural sprays instead is a much better option.

5. Poor Sleeping Habits

An unbalanced Pitta Dosha will result in insomnia and thus could lead to hair loss


When Pitta is aggravated, it can be hard to sleep. Possible causes include irritability, overheating, and general discomfort. Unfortunately, lack of sleep will just enhance stress.6 In turn, the chances of hair loss increase.7 Focus on normalizing your sleep schedule. To start, sleep in a cool room with good ventilation. Keep it dark and quiet. For ultimate relaxation, do yoga right before bed. The best moves are cooling and restorative, like child’s pose and corpse pose. You can also try natural sleep aids. Herbs like kava, valerian, and chamomile have been shown to induce sleep.8

Instead of brewing hot tea, make iced tea or opt for supplements. Hot tea will just irritate Pitta even more. Our inner energy greatly affects physical health. This is exactly why Pitta Dosha impacts our hair. By learning how to calm Pitta, you can help your locks flourish. It takes hard work and effort, but it’s worth it!