4 Reasons A Crash Diet Before Your Wedding Is A Bad Idea

Reasons A Crash Diet Before Your Wedding Is A Bad Idea

Every woman wants to look gorgeous for her wedding. And more often than not, the bride-to-be decides to go on an insane crash diet to lose those extra pounds and look fit and fabulous. Well, here’s stating the obvious – pre-wedding crash diets may work temporarily, but they’re bound to negatively affect your health in the long run. Wondering how? Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t be taking on a wedding diet.

4 Reasons Why A Wedding Diet Isn’t A Good Idea

1. You’ll Regain The Weight You Lose

A Wedding Diet Is Likely To Make You Regain The Weight You Lose Because Of Slow Metabolism


Wedding diets surely promise drastic weight loss. And while all that effort you put into losing weight for your special day may pay off temporarily, you’re going to see most of that weight or more coming back. Your metabolism slows down when you’re on a crash diet. This is because you’re not consuming enough calories and your body starts breaking down muscle tissue for energy. And even when you start eating normally again, your metabolism continues to function at the same rate despite an increase in food intake. So, all the excess calories you’re consuming after ditching the diet are bound to stay unprocessed and get converted to fat, causing weight gain.

2. Other Methods Are Healthier

Try A Balance Diet With Regular Exercise Instead Of A Crash Diet Before Your Wedding


If you’re looking to diet, do it the right way. A crash diet just before your wedding isn’t going to do you any good. Once you know when your big day is, start off with a balanced diet and exercise routine months in advance. Your diet can include fruits, veggies, whole grain, and lean meat and be free from foods loaded with carbs like white rice and bread. Eating healthy foods and cutting down on unhealthy ones over the course of a few months will keep you energized without having to starve yourself unreasonably. Combine that with a regular fitness routine and you’re sure to shed those extra pounds but healthily.

3. You’re Likely To Be Exhausted And Irritable

A Crash Diet Is Likely To Result In A Lack Of Energy, Making You Exhausted And Irritable


Depriving yourself of the food you need to function normally by embarking on a crash diet is going to lower your blood sugar levels and hence your energy. The lack of energy, in turn, is bound to make you feel tired because your body cannot perform its functions well. You are also likely to experience a hormonal imbalance, leaving you moody and anxious.

4. You May Lose Your Vibrant Looks And Fall Sick Often

The Lack Of Essential Nutrients Due To A Wedding Diet Is Bound To Make You Look Dull And Weaken Your Immune System


While cutting down on carbs may help you lose weight temporarily, you need carbs for energy. The lack of energy is likely to show physical signs like baggy eyes, dull looking hair, excess hair fall, and pale skin – none of which you want before your wedding. You may also be low on other essential nutrients, which is likely to result in deficiencies that show themselves as lowered immunity. So, you’re bound to fall sick more often than you otherwise would.

Tips To Look Great For Your Wedding Without A Crash Diet

  • Eat sufficient proteins to boost your metabolism, curb your hunger, and prevent bloating. This way you won’t be starving yourself and still look and feel fit.
  • Consume healthy fats like nuts, seeds, and olive oil to avoid building unwanted fat and still get your required carbs.
  • Keep your skin healthy by eating foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E like leafy greens and citrus fruits. These vitamins are antioxidants, so they ward off damage to your skin cells caused by molecules called free radicals.
  • Do cardio exercises so the food you’re eating gets burnt and doesn’t settle in odd places in your body.
  • Drink plenty of water for glowing skin and stay hydrated.
  • Consume enough nutritious food so you won’t feel exhausted and at the same time steer clear of unhealthy fats.

So, ditch the idea of a wedding diet and stay fit for your big day.