8 Reasons Your Toddler Is Throwing A Tantrum Right Now

Talk to parents of toddlers about the biggest challenge of parenting. Most of them will agree on one thing – Tantrums! Handling their toddler’s kicking-and-screaming behavior is the toughest part of their job. Every parent dreads public tantrums. As a parent, you also may have witnessed your toddler’s ear-shattering screams for no plausible reason. Wondering why they do that? It is indeed difficult to understand. Sometimes hilarious reasons are behind it and sometimes more serious issues trigger such a reaction from them. Here are a few of them.

1. You Interrupted Their Activity

You Interrupted Their Activity

Kids like to control their life, even though it is too much for them to handle. They want to do everything their own way. They cannot stand it if anyone comes in their way. For them, the wall is a big canvas and if you interrupt them while they exhibit their artistic skills on the wall, then be prepared for their shouting and screaming. Stopping them from

doing what they love to do will definitely annoy them.

2. You Looked At Them

You Looked At Them

This is the craziest reason you could ever expect. If they could not find anything else to throw a tantrum, then this is the reason for them. They don’t want you to look at them especially when they are up to no good. For their tribe, there’s nothing more distracting than being watched.

3. You Ignored Them

You Ignored Them

Universally, kids are attention seekers. Knowing this, you make sure that you attend to them without fail. But, that is not sufficient for them. Did you go for a shower? Did you go to the restroom? Were you talking to your friend over the phone? These are more than enough for them to create a scene.

4. They Can’t Fulfill Their Desires

They Can’t Fulfill
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“Why can’t I fly like Iron Man, Ma?”, “Why can’t I wear daddy’s shoes when I go out?”, “Why can’t I make myself disappear?”, “Why am I younger than my sister?” – the never ending list of your toddler’s desires and questions. When they realize they can’t have everything they want, anticipate one hell of a tantrum-y episode coming your way.

5. They Are Angry/ Anxious

They Are Angry/ Anxious

Kids are yet to learn to control themselves when they are upset. Too much of stress forces them to throw tantrums. Parental tensions, exposure to a new environment, interrupted sleep, or a tiring trip – all these may invoke anger or anxiety in kids. At this stage, they also struggle to express themselves, causing frustration. When they wrestle with such emotions, tantrums are inevitable.

6. They Are Sick

They Are Sick

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Sickness and tantrums go hand in hand. An ear infection, fever or cough restricts carefree activities of a toddler. The uncomfortable feeling that comes with it is enough to cause an outburst. However, whining and screaming during this period is understandable. Being patient and caring are the best ways to deal with it.

7. They Are Hungry

They Are Hungry

Hunger-induced tantrums are popular among toddlers. They take out their irritable, hostile behavior when they are hungry. Expecting a famished kid to be an epitome of discipline is next to impossible. So, before you complain about their unruly behavior check whether they have eaten properly.

8. They Are Tired

They Are Tired

Tiredness is another major tantrum trigger. If they don’t get proper sleep, the next day will be a day of crankiness and outbursts. Lack of rest after a tiring

day may lead to extremes in their behavior. Make sure that your toddlers get proper rest as they gear up for the day.

Keep your cool during a toddler’s tantrum. Distracting their attention is an effective way to handle the tantrums as kids have a short attention span. If you resort to hitting, spanking or shouting, it will initiate a chain reaction. Well, it is not easy to be calm when your bundle of joy transforms to a little demon. But that is the only way to tame your toddler and to maintain a cheerful parent- kiddo relationship.