5 Reasons To Practice Heat Therapy

You can find a sauna at almost every gym. But have you ever wondered why? It seems pointless to get in a sweat bath after a sweaty workout. Surprisingly, it’s the best thing you can do. A sauna or a steam room, is a form of heat therapy. It can get as hot as 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit! The heat may come from wood stoves, heaters, or steam.1 More modern saunas use infrared warmers, which hover around 140 degrees.2

Most people use saunas to relieve stress. But when it comes to your fitness routine, they will change everything. They can actually help you get more out of your workout. Before heading to the shower, chill in a sauna. It’ll treat your body to these five awesome health benefits.

Health Benefits Of Heat Therapy

1. Heat Therapy Aids Recovery

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Exercise is just half the battle. Afterward, your body needs to preserve all your hard work. With a steam room, you can make that happen. Heat exposure maintains and protects muscle mass. It also reduces oxidative stress, which typically increases once you stop working out.

Too much oxidative stress will damage cell membranes! Plus, preserving muscle mass also prevents atrophy and wasting.3 In fact, a 2015 study found that heat therapy benefits the neuromuscular system. It encourages recovery after intense endurance exercise, making it a must after training.4

2. Heat Therapy Increases Muscle Growth

Heat therapy can
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Heat therapy can do more than preserve muscle. It actually increases growth, too! Again, it’s all thanks to the way heat decreases oxidative stress. This enhances the rate of muscle regrowth after a workout ends.5

3. Heat Therapy Boosts Growth Hormones

Heat therapy boosts growth hormones

Muscle and bone recovery also depends on growth hormone. Physical activity will increase levels, but so does heat therapy. Together, exercise plus heat raises growth hormone more than one by itself. You’ll also be glad to know that growth hormone also aids in fat loss, making it useful for weight management.6

4. Heat Therapy Relieves Pain

Heat therapy relieves pain

Ideally, your workouts shouldn’t hurt, but soreness is common after hitting the gym. This risk is even higher if you’ve been increasing intensity, reps, or length. Trying a new sport or exercise might also make you sore. To keep pain at bay, regularly visit the sauna. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most effective treatments for chronic pain. Yet, even if you’re not always sore, the heat will condition your body and help you feel great.7

5. Heat Therapy Improves Heart Health

Heat therapy improves heart health

Exercise and heat therapy enhance heart health. So why not take advantage of both? When

the sauna is in the gym, there’s no reason not to. Heat therapy works by improving blood pressure, blood flow, and heart rate. No wonder regular sauna use lowers the risk of mortality from heart disease.8 This link is highly significant, considering heart disease is the leading cause of death in the country.9 Lowering your risk is crucial.

Thanks to saunas, your fitness routine can thrive. It’s an excellent way to make the most out of your gym membership. Even a few minutes will do wonders, so get comfy and break a sweat.