Why You Should Love Your Small Breasts

9 reasons to love your small breasts.

When it comes to the “perfect body,” our culture is obsessed with breast size. It’s the reason why padded bras and breast implants exist. Basically, society thinks women need bigger breasts to be attractive! And when you’re on the smaller side, it’s easy to feel insecure.

Society’s Take On Breast Sizes

Let’s be real. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes – and so do breasts. It’s the type of diversity that makes humans so unique. Sadly, the concept of big breasts is ingrained in our culture. The media shows men lusting after larger breasts, while bras are created to push “the girls” up. It’s a setup for poor body image and unrealistic expectations.


But here’s some good news. Slowly and surely, self-love and body image is becoming a movement. Clothing brands are using models of all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, women are realizing the following perks of having small breasts.

9 Reasons To Love Your Small Breasts

1. Bra Shopping Is Easy

Small breasts don't need special sizing or custom made garments.


“The girls” won’t need a lot of support. In turn, shopping for bras is a breeze! You won’t need special sizing or custom-made garments.

2. You Can Go Bra-Less

Women with small breasts have a lot of clothing options.


Sometimes, certain shirts or dresses simply don’t work with a bra. With small boobs, you can skip it completely without anyone noticing. This means you’ll have more clothing options.

3. Less Back Pain

Big breasts weigh people down and cause back pain.


Bigger breasts can weigh you down – literally! They increase the risk for back pain, especially in the upper back. In fact, some women get breast reductions done for back relief.

4. Less Shoulder And Neck Pain

Large breasts cause back and shoulder pain, and could cause injury.


Larger breasts are also painful for the shoulder and neck. This can make it hard to do daily tasks, like lifting or working at the computer. Over time, it can even lead to an injury or disability.1

5. Better Posture

Women with cup sizes lower than D have better posture.


Breast size is a major factor for back problems. Boobs pull the shoulders downward, making poor posture more likely. Plus, when compared to women with small breasts, women with D cups or larger have greater spinal curves.2

6. Reduced Risk Of Skin Inflammation

Small breasts have reduced risk of inflammation between skin folds.


Small breasts reduce the risk of intertrigo, or inflammation between skin folds. This often crops up just under the breasts. During hot and human days, intertrigo is even more likely.3

7. Less Painful Strap Marks

Small breasts are less likely to get painful bra strap marks.

As bigger breasts pull downward, straps leave marks on the skin. This can be extremely painful! It also contributes to poor posture.4 But with smaller breasts, this won’t be an issue.

8. More Comfort When Exercising

Small breasts don't jiggle and are comfortable during workout.

It’s easier and more comfortable to workout when you’re on the smaller side. This is because small breasts don’t “jiggle” as much. Running, yoga, and dance can be done with ease.

9. Lower Risk Of Breast Cancer

Big breasts have a greater risk of breast cancer.

Every woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer. The risk, however, actually has a link to breast size. The less tissue you have, the less likely you are to develop the disease.5

As you can see, small boobs come with big benefits! This list isn’t meant to put down those with bigger breasts, though. Regardless of your cup size, finding the beauty in your body is the most important part.