7 Reasons To Love Your Life As You Grow Older

We live in a society that glorifies young age and believes the charisma of life recedes as we grow older. But that is an incorrect and very archaic notion to hold on to. Life is what we make of it and it takes years to build a good life. We hustle through our young age to achieve that and middle age is when our lives take a better shape in our society. Thus, there is a lot to be thankful and happy about at that age. The loss of youth isn’t the only thing that should define your middle age. Your middle age should be defined by your aspirations and outlook. Here are a few reasons why people should love their lives in their forties, fifties and beyond.

1. Active Social Life

Surveys have found out that middle aged and elderly people have more active social lives when compared to younger generations. Young people like to have a lot of friends but not meaningful relationships but that thing changes as we grow older. We tend to become more choosy about our social circles and end up with people we actually like and admire by the time we are middle aged. So, middle aged people tend to have happier and fuller social lives than young people.

2. Happier Outlook On Life

University of Colorado conducted a survey and found out that younger people are more likely to pay attention to negative news whereas older people are drawn more toward positive news. This is the very reason why older people look at life differently and more positively. Young age allows us to be self-centered and narcissistic whereas old age helps us to see the bigger picture in life. So, you should appreciate your age as it has brought you many enriching experiences as well as a sunnier outlook on life.

3. Ability To Appreciate Simple Pleasures

A 2014 study shows that great experiences can bring joy to people of all ages but older people are more appreciative of simple pleasures like talking to a kid or a funny joke. When we are young we take our lives very seriously. But as we grow older, we see how transient our existence is and that epiphany gives us a sense of levity towards life. That is why appreciating wonderful moments and simple joys in life is easier at an older age than it is in youth.

4. Jealousy Takes A Back Seat

When we are young, we are always striving to do better and outdo others. This is the reason why we tend to be more consumed with jealousy toward others when we are younger. But as we grow older, we create our own paths and niche in life. So, jealousy takes a back seat when we grow older as we stop letting our jealousy define us.

5. Better Quality Of Life

People have much better quality of life when they are older. People are more likely to have better financial and social security in their old age than when they are younger. People tend to be more involved with their communities when they are older. Even many surveys have shown that people tend to have richer lives by the time they are 65 or more.

6. Hard To Deceive

One great thing that comes with age is experience and people skills. People tend to get much better with people by the time they are old. Also, older people are much better at reading others than younger people. So, it is difficult to get deceived when you are older. Experience comes in handy in trying times.

7. Feel Younger

A survey has found out that people over 70 years of age are more likely to feel 13 years younger than their actual chronological age. So, growing old doesn’t always have to make you feel that way. So, you can be young at heart even if you get older in years.

So, rejoice life at whatever stage and age you are in. Find joy in simple things and humor in the ordinary. Life is too short to be serious.