5 Reasons To Listen To Your Inner Child

Keep that child alive and kicking within you.

Growing older is inevitable, as is taking on more responsibilities as an adult, but how many of us really remain children at heart? This feat can be hard, because we can’t take on the troubles of adulthood as children. The world can be a cruel and unforgiving place, and this can push us to become serious and dimmed down. We are faced with too many responsibilities, and going through them day after day without being able to enjoy our lives can also hinder our inner child. However, this isn’t to say that we cannot be children at all. In quiet moments that help us reflect, take some time to think about how your life has changed, but also how you can make it better for yourself. One of the best ways to bring back a better perspective about life is to look at the world like children do. Here are some of the benefits of being a child at heart:

1. More Fun Make time for play

How many of us put time aside to actually have more fun? Sure, there are fun activities that we take part in, but nowadays, most of us do this only to get more photo options for our social media pages. How many of us have taken a moment to enjoy pure, unadulterated fun through play? Playing is an important activity for adults too, because it reduces stress immensely and helps us to unwind and relax. Children can play with whatever objects they have around them: a ball, a stick, building a fort out of couch cushions. Children can enjoy themselves anywhere they go. Find new ways to enjoy the things around you, and make time for playing (not video games, but actual, physical play) to be able to enjoy the world around you a little bit more.


2. Freedom Of Creativity Express without fear of judgment

Our abilities and talents become more fine tuned as we become adults, and we begin to rely upon them to provide for us in our jobs. This means that we have to be good at what we do to excel. However, this also restricts our freedom to create and we have to think a hundred times before we take on a new and creative venture. We can’t express freely because we have become so used to doing something correctly, or making sure that everything is perfect so that we aren’t judged for what we do. Children don’t care about judgment, and have no restrictions when it comes to creative expression. In our jobs, we might not be able to do so, but in our own time, we can always make time for this. You might be surprised at how freeing and joyful unrestrained creative expression can be.

3. Forgiveness Forgive more often

Children have multiple fights with their friends through the day, but they forgive just as quickly. Moreover, they forget what has happened in the past and move on without expecting anything more from the other person. As adults, we find conflicts disturbing, and sometimes let the conflicts get the better past of us. How many of us are still holding onto anger and grudges? This isn’t just damaging for a relationship, it is also extremely unhealthy for our mental as well as physical well-being. Forgiveness might not come easy at first because we have to let our pain and anger go, but as start to practice it more often, it will come more naturally to us. If we can be more like children, we will bring wonderful benefits for ourselves and the people around us.


4. Honesty Be more open and honest in relationships

Children can be painfully honest, but this is scolded and pushed out of us as we become older. It is considered more socially appropriate and correct to tell white lies or cover things up rather than be honest, as it saves a lot of trouble and miscommunication in relationships. However, this lax attitude about honesty is actually what leads to miscommunication and tension in relationships. Radical honesty is not encouraged, but maybe it is time we start practicing it. There is a difference between being honest to form a better relationship with someone, and being honest to hurt someone’s feelings. As adults, we can start being more honest with the people we care about while making sure we discern when a situation needs honesty, and when it needs more support.

5. Determination Go after your goals with fierce determination

Finally, children relentlessly pursue a goal without stopping at anything. If they want an answer to their question, they will continue to bug you till you tell them. If they want to build a fort, they will continue despite any failed attempts. They put their whole selves into learning something new or figuring out answers, and this is one of their best lessons. We need to take their examples of determination, will power and motivation and put it into our activities. Before we know it, success might come calling earlier than we had thought.