7 Reasons To Eat Celery In The Evening

Reasons To Eat Celery In The Evening

Celery has a bad reputation because it’s often seen as plain, boring, and tasteless. Many people might even have flashbacks to childhood! But your parents might have been onto something because celery has amazing benefits.

Be mindful of how you eat this crunchy veggie. The perks won’t mean anything if you slather it in creamy ranch dressing. Instead, opt for hummus or plain yogurt with fresh herbs. Raw celery also works great in salads and soups.


Have a juicer? Add a stalk or two for a nutritional boost. Use lemon, pineapple, or oranges to hide the taste. With a food processor, celery can be transformed into pasta sauce or slaw. Try mixing it with rice, pasta, or veggie burgers.

It might take a while to find a dish that you like. But the journey will pay off, especially if you eat celery in the evening. Here are 7 reasons you absolutely should eat celery for dinner.


7 Health Benefits Of Eating Celery In The Evening

1. Relieves Joint Pain

Celery Contains A Powerful Polyphenol Called Mannitol, Which Can Fight Inflammation And Joint Pain

If you’re one of the 50 million adults with arthritis, eat celery.1 It contains a powerful polyphenol called mannitol. This compound can fight inflammation and pain, making celery a top choice for joint health.2 Other anti-inflammatory foods are fish, broccoli, and kale.3


By eating celery for dinner, you can get a good night’s rest. Don’t let joint pain stand in the way! Come morning, you’ll feel as good as new.

2. Prevents Colorectal Cancer

Celery Can Aid In Protecting You From Colorectal Cancer


Colorectal cancer, or colon cancer, affects 1 in 22 men and 1 in 24 women.4 Although the rates seem low, it’s important to lower your risk of this deadly cancer. A diet high in veggies like celery will lend a hand.5

In fact, a study in the International Journal of Epidemiology found that celery has a protective effect against colon cancer. Other green veggies and chives have similar benefits.6


3. Controls Appetite

The High Fiber Content In Celery Helps Keep Your Appetite In Check

Nothing is worse than going to bed with a rumbling stomach. Avoid this by adding celery to your dinner. The high fiber content will satiate your hunger, keep you full, and you won’t feel ravenous in the morning.7


Eating celery for dinner is a natural way to control hunger for both weight loss and management.

4. Promotes Bone Health

Celery Is Rich In Calcium, Phosphorus, And Vitamin, Which Are Important For Healthy Bones


Dairy isn’t the only food that strengthens bones. Celery contains calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A – three nutrients needed for bone health.8 They work by balancing important bone cells called osteoblasts and osteoclasts.

If you’re a woman, consider eating more celery. The risk of osteoporosis increases with age, making bone health a top priority.9

5. Lowers Cholesterol

Keep Your Cholesterol Levels In Check With The High Fiber In Celery

Almost 31 million American adults have high blood cholesterol. It doubles the risk of heart disease, the number one killer in the country.1011

Reduce your risk by eating celery, which is full of fiber – a nutrient that encourages cholesterol excretion through the feces. Celery has also been shown to prevent lipid absorption in the intestine and stop cholesterol synthesis in the liver.12

6. Reduces Blood Pressure

Celery Contains Potassium, Which Eliminates The Excess Sodium In Your Body And Lowers Blood Pressure

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is another major risk factor for heart disease. It stresses out the walls of your arteries. With celery, you can lighten that load.

Celery juice has potassium and sodium, two nutrients essential for your body.13 However, too much sodium isn’t good for you. The potassium in celery lessens the effects of sodium, lowering your blood pressure. It also helps you lose excess sodium through urine.14

7. Protects Liver Health

Celery Helps In Lipid Regulation And Hence Aids In Keeping Your Liver Healthy

As you sleep, celery will help your liver. It’s especially useful when high cholesterol is involved. According to Pharmacognosy Magazine, celery lowers elevated serum liver enzymes, total cholesterol, and triglycerides. Overall lipid profile also improves. Together, these benefits work against liver damage.15

Celery is a nutritious food, regardless of the time of the day you eat it. If you don’t like it for dinner, try it in breakfast or lunch foods. It even works as a nutritious snack between meals.