10 Reasons To Consider Taking Up Cycling

Are you looking for a fun, exciting way to improve your health? Cycling could be the answer you’ve been searching for. While you may remember it as more of a childhood activity, riding your bike can do tremendous things for your physical and mental health. From more defined muscle tone to an overall improved mood, cycling is a great pastime and more people should consider giving a try.

Not convinced that cycling can produce many benefits? Check out these 10 reasons below. Chances are you’ll be ready to purchase your color coordinated cycling kits and hit the trails.


1. Better Than Walking

Taking a nice leisurely walk might be your idea of getting outdoors and enjoying a nice day, but did you know that riding a bike can actually do more for you than walking? Riding your bike at a speed of 10 mph or more will burn approximately 100 more calories than if you were walking.

2. It’s Enjoyable

Let’s face it, not all of us are thrilled to wake up and hit the gym. Lifting weights and doing tedious exercises to achieve the body we want can be more than daunting. However, riding a bike is more thrilling, in the sense, it’s completely different from going to the gym. You can take a ride to work, your child’s school, or even around the neighborhood and get as intense of an exercise as if you actually went to the gym.


3. Easier On The Legs, Ankles, Knees, And Joints

Cycling can be a lot easier on the joints than a typical run would. Whether you’re looking to get in shape, recover from an injury, or training for an upcoming marathon, cycling is a great way to get that heartbeat pumping and legs moving without all the pressure on your joints.

4. Helps The Environment

Any time you’re not spending in a motor vehicle is a help to the environment. If you’re really good at cycling, you can ride bikes to and from work. This will reduce your carbon footprint and the amount of pollution that is emitted into the air when you travel.


5. Saves You Money

You know the great thing about riding a bike is that, you save so much money on transportation costs. You won’t have to purchase gas, tickets, or passes to get from one location to another. You also will put less wear and tear on your vehicle, which goes a long way to saving on repairs.

6. Reduces Stress

Exercise of any kind can help reduce stress. As the body exercises, it is releasing endorphins, which are vital to improving your mood and reducing the presence of cortisol, the stress hormone. It might not hurt that if you travel by bike often, you don’t have the stress of traffic jams and all the other madness that road drivers would have – this can certainly cut down on stress.


7. Boosts Your Immune System

Cycling on a regular basis can help boost your immune system. If you’re prone to things like common cold, or flu, you might want to give cycling a try. Cycling at a reasonable pace helps release the toxins from the body, reduces stress hormones, and changes the antibodies in white blood cells which help to detect illnesses faster. Each of these benefits will greatly decrease your chances of falling ill.

8. Great For The Heart

Riding the bike for at least 30 minutes a day can help improve your heart health. Those who ride bikes on a regular basis can reduce their risk for heart disease by as much as 50%. Studies have also proven that riding your bike for 30 minutes a day can also help to lower your blood pressure by as much as 30%.


9. Good For Exploration

Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to explore? When you’re in a car, you’re so busy paying attention to the road and other vehicles, that you can’t enjoy the simple pleasures of your neighborhood. However, if you were to hop on a bike, you could easily see parts of your neighborhood that you’ve never seen before. Check out the local community, meet new people, and just have fun as you cycle through.

10. Ideal For Building Strength

While it may seem like you’re doing nothing more than sitting on a bike, every movement you make is helping to tighten, tone, and strengthen your muscles. Cycling can help to build your core, quads, calf muscles and more.


If you didn’t have a reason to pull out your bicycle before, you now have ten. Cycling can be such an enjoyable experience and a great way to start living a healthier lifestyle. You don’t have to cycle a marathon your first time out. Start small and work your way up to further distances and harder terrains to enhance each of the benefits listed above.