6 Reasons To Avoid Lying To Your Children About Sex

Talking about the birds and the bees can be really uncomfortable for parents and equally traumatizing for their kids. This whole situation can be really awkward for the whole family. But sex is a very important part of life so hiding facts from your children will not help them in anyway later. You might think that your children will eventually figure about sex themselves. But you are the best person to teach your children about sex. You must get over your sense of inhibition and give them your pearls of wisdom that would help them through out their lives.

There is a lot of misinformation about sex that people come across. And when you are young, it is very easy to buy into those wrong facts. So, it is important that you talk to your children candidly about this topic and let them know all the facts so that they feel empowered to take their decisions. A lot of trouble can be saved if you provide your children with right information from the very beginning. So, here is a list of reasons why you shouldn’t lie to your children about sex.

1. Don’t Sow The Seed Of Shame

Parents often lie to their children about sex to instill fear in them so that they don’t indulge in it. But when you lie about sex, you are only instilling shame in them because eventually they will find out the truth. And they would think that you lied because you think lowly of the act. This whole mentality can make them look at sex very differently. They will grow up associating something as normal as sex with negative emotions like shame. So, lying is not a feasible option here.

2. They Can Start Doubting You

When you teach your children to live life truthfully and then lie to them for your convenience, it gives out a mixed message to them about you. So, they might start doubting you and your advises. So, it is imperative that you adhere to truth when dealing with your children in this matter as they will eventually discover the truth about sex themselves. So, don’t lie to your children about this. Be truthful and build a good relationship with them.

3. Misinformation Can Be Lethal

Sexual troubles can range from STD to pregnancies. So, right information about all of them can be really helpful for children later. Even studies have shown that when children are provided with factual information about sexual health, teen pregnancies and STD plummeted big time.

4. Seeking Information From A Wrong Source

When parents don’t educate their children, they generally end up taking advice from other people or sources. But sometimes these sources can be wrong and may end up giving wrong advice or information to your children. Wrong information can do nothing but harm. So, it is your responsibility to make sure that your children are provided with right information about sexual health.

5. Difference Between Sexual Assault And Consensual Sex

When parents don’t talk to their children about sex, they get that information either from their friends or seniors. In both cases, the information that they get might be misleading. We live in a sexually confused society where victims get blamed for sexual assault. So, it is important that parents take the responsibility to teach their children the difference between sexual assault and consensual sex so that they can do the right thing later.

6. Body Positivity And Sex Are Correlated

Sex is an intimate act for which people must be accepting of their bodies. When parents hide information about sex from their children, they are sending out the message of shame and guilt to them. Thus, there is a possibility that such children might grow up with body issues. So, it is important to talk about sex openly with children to instill in them confidence.

Parents are the most influential teachers that children have in their lives. So, don’t shy away from teaching your children about sex as it is a normal part of our lives.