6 Reasons For You To Have One More Baby Now

Pregnancy comes with a lot of aches and pains. Having another baby while taking care of your first kid will make it all the more difficult. But, is it really that hard? Many moms out there might be skeptical about planning their second baby.

Are you trying to decide whether or not to try to have “one more baby”? Well, before you make a decision, consider these amazing reasons.


You Are Experienced

You are no more a first timer!

For your first baby, a lot of factors might have worried you. You might have been doubtful about your parenting abilities. But, no more!


Now you know the challenges. Motherhood requires on-the-job training. And you have become an expert in baby care by handling your first baby.

The concerns about raising a baby or your doubts about your parenting ability should not bother you this time. Instead, your experience gives you the confidence and strength to raise another baby!


Your Child Needs A Sibling

Many parents may not agree with it. For them, their child looks happy and they can give their kid undivided attention.

Well, that’s one side of the story. Gifting your kid a sibling is a great deed. Imagine your kid’s joy when he/she sees the new guest, someone he/she can proudly call as a little sister or brother.


As they grow up, you don’t need to worry about ways to keep them engaged. They will keep each other entertained.

Oh, fights among them – that’s part of growing up and it, in fact, teaches them to resolve issues.


Easy To Groom Your Kids

Growing up together will instill a lot of good qualities in your kids. They learn to share everything and selfish thoughts may not have a place in their life. Yes, they learn to share the last chocolate cookie!

Your kids will have someone to learn from or teach. They learn to provide emotional support when one of them is in trouble. Your children will both have a friend for life… to dry each other’s tears!


More Smiles, More Joy

Happiness is seeing a child smile! You get over all frustrations and anxieties when you see your little one.

Then, why not double your delight by welcoming one more baby to your family.


You Are Well Prepared

You don’t have to run around shopping for your newborn. Most of the baby equipment and things required for a baby nursery are already there in your house. Thus, the financial concerns associated with your new arrival is resolved to a great extent.

Moreover, you don’t need to browse things you need to buy for your new baby. The baby websites may have a never-ending list. But by now, you know all those things you actually need as you deliver a baby. You will end up shopping like a pro who buys products wisely keeping their purpose and utility in mind rather than design and cuteness.

And the best part, you are better informed about labor and childbirth.

Experience The Fun Again

Holding a newborn, cradling him/her, adoring the baby’s looks – oh, nothing can replace that happiness in this world.

Do you remember the fun you had picking out the baby name? Do you recollect the spark in your little one’s eyes when you breastfed him/her? Want to experience it all over again?

Agreed, you still have the pain of that c-section or vaginal birth in your mind. But, the moment you see your bundle of joy, you tend to forget the struggles of those nine months. All you do is look forward to having more lovely days with your babies.

Everyone has different reasons to consider when they plan to expand their family. Having more than one kid will complete your family and bring more happiness.

Well, it is up to you to make a decision. But, one more baby in your family could be great.