3 Reasons You Are Unhappy And How To Fix It

There can be many causes for unhappiness but today you will discover three that you probably never thought about before. You will also discover how to correct each one so that you can feel and function better emotionally. If you take action on getting rid of these three causes, you will make a difference for yourself. You will begin to have a happier life.

1. What You Eat Matters!

What you put into your mouth makes a big difference in your happiness. Foods that are highly processed cause constipation and that causes you to feel unwell. You gotta keep things moving! If you eat a diet high in sugar and sweets, you may feel a ‘sugar rush’ or high for a bit but then you will crash and feel low. You won’t function on a happy level when that low hits. Lots of foods are fake. They are made in factories with chemicals. Taste and smell and color are often created in chemistry labs from petroleum. Petroleum is good fuel for your automobile but not for your body. It doesn’t support your health and when your health is poor, you won’t feel well and you won’t be happy.


2. What You Think Matters!

You are in relationships with many people. Your fellow students or workers, your family members, your neighbors and teachers and bosses, and maybe your sweetheart. In each relationship, there are wants and needs on each side. Unfortunately, most of us often hope the other person will read our mind or be able to guess what we want. We may have unrealistic expectations that somehow they will just KNOW what we want. And we dream that they want the same things that we do. “If only,” we think. “If only he could read my mind.” “If only he would do the thing that I want him to do.” “If only, she would love me; be the mother I want; give me the gift that I ache for.” “If only she would see how hard I work and give me the raise I deserve.” The problem is that no one can read your mind. Your hopes and wishes go unnoticed and unfulfilled and you remain unhappy.

3. How You Move Matters!

When you were learning to lift your head as a baby, you started developing strong muscles in your back. Why? So that you would be able to lift that heavy little head and then to crawl and then to walk! You needed a strong back to start moving on your own and it worked. But then you got a little older and started sitting in furniture that didn’t fit you correctly. Perhaps school bored you or you were tired. You grew tall and didn’t use all of your muscles anymore. You started to slouch. Your strong back became weaker as you used the muscles incorrectly and they became strained. Your back aches. Your head hurts. Your eyes feel strained. You are not happy.


3 Ways To Become Happier

Now let’s talk about how you can correct each of those things that cause unhappiness so that you can start on the road to being happy.

1. What You Eat Matters So Eat Real!

Eat real foods that grew rather than highly processed foods that are loaded with chemicals and white flour. Eat a bit of real butter, avocado, coconut oil or other healthy fats. Eat a rainbow of colorful foods from the fruit and vegetable families. Treat yourself with seeds, nuts, beans and a little meat or fish protein if you choose. When you “eat real” your body will process the foods that you give it easily. Your body will be able to extract the minerals and vitamins it needs to function well and the residue will pass through quickly. You won’t be constipated. You will feel lighter and more comfortable. If you have an overweight issue, eating real will help you lose the excess weight. If excess weight has been causing you to be unhappy, remember that you are beautiful and you have a beautiful, healthy body.


2. What You Say Matters And Is Important!

Speak up and ask for what you want. Practice in front of a mirror or a friend. It may feel uncomfortable, but it gets easier over time. When you approach someone with a smile, it makes it easier to ask, even on the phone. But remember to be realistic. If you cannot ask or talk about an issue in person, write a letter. Texting is not the same as a letter. A letter is thoughtful and wordy. You can edit it many times before sending it or handing it over. And don’t expect the recipient to immediately respond to your request. If they don’t respond the way you would like, you will know that it’s time to consider other options for yourself to create future happiness.

3. How You Move Matters So Move Like A Baby!

Get a strong back again by strengthening all of the muscles in the back of your body from your knees to your head. There are simple ways to do this that you can literally do anywhere and anytime. Take your joints through a full range of motion even if you have to start with slow, little movements because you are stiff. Over time, your muscles will relax around the joints and you will have better range of motion. With a strong back and joints that move, you will be happier.