8 Reasons For Bigger Pregnant Belly

Unlike the first pregnancy, everybody would get to know that you are pregnant too soon the second time. Your bold belly growth with the second baby is because the skin, muscles, and surrounding ligaments have been stretched after the first pregnancy.

How Big Will The Bump Be The Second Time Around?

The pregnancy bump does not decide the size of the baby. It is not necessary that every pregnant woman should measure a certain size when pregnant. The pregnant bump comes in all shapes and sizes. As long as both you and your baby inside are healthy, there is no need to worry about the size of the belly. However, having a big belly the second time around is common.


After each pregnancy, muscle tone in the uterine and abdominal muscles becomes loose. It is very easy like a balloon to blow second time around. Unlike many misconceptions, the big belly is not because you are carrying a bigger baby. Muscles in the uterus and the abdomen which are loose let everything out very soon.

If you are a slim and tall woman, your belly may not be big. Your body can hold a big baby inside as there is more space to hide.


8 Reasons For Bigger Pregnant Belly

There are many reasons which influence the size of your pregnant belly.

1. Amniotic Fluid

If the amniotic fluid is in excess, it will impact the size of your pregnancy bump. A normal or average amniotic fluid volume is around 800-1000 ml (1 liter). When it goes beyond two liters, it tends to become noticeable, because of the increasing discomfort. Although this condition needs your practitioner’s attention, there are also some innocent reasons behind the excessive amniotic fluid.


2. Position Of The Baby

The abdominal muscles stretch so much during your first pregnancy which becomes weaker. So when you get pregnant again, the muscles are not able to support as efficiently as the first time. This will let the baby drop lower in the abdomen. This position would make a pregnant bump look bigger.

3. Conception Date Miscalculation

Major miscalculation of conception date would make a pregnant bump look bigger. If you have been busy doing other chores during your second conception time, it is highly likely that you would calculate the conception date out of guess work. Also, if you were a breastfeeding mother while you conceived, it is impossible to predict the correct date of conception.4. Multiple Pregnancies


4. Multiple Pregnancies

If you are carrying more than one – twins or triplets or more – your bump will look bigger. The stretched muscles in the abdomen make room for more babies which will look big.

5. Posture Of The Mom

If you have a droopy posture when standing, sitting or moving, your stomach muscles will get more relaxed which increases the possibility of a bigger pregnancy bump.6. Weight


6. Weight

If you are still struggling to lose the extra fat gained during the previous pregnancy, the pregnant bump will be bigger the second time. Gaining fat around your hips, thighs, tummy, and bottom is common during pregnancy.7. Polyhydramnios

7. Polyhydramnios

Excessive amniotic fluid or gestational diabetes leads to polyhydramnios. A big pregnant belly is an indication that there are complications. It is always good to consult the doctor when you don’t feel right. If your practitioner feels that there is any complication, he will ask you to do an ultrasound and a blood test to rule out any possible risks.8. Big baby


8. Big Baby

Sometimes, it is possible that your baby’s size is big that makes your bump look bigger. If you have gestational diabetes or other conditions during pregnancy, you will have a large baby. Careful monitoring throughout your pregnancy is recommended. You will get extra scans to check how your baby is growing.