7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Play Sports

sports groom kids into better individuals

All of us would agree that playing sports is vital for a child’s physical and mental growth. But, is that all? The answer is – No. Playing sports offers kids a lot of other benefits as well. It grooms their overall personality and helps them improve their social skills. Another big advantage that sports provide is keeping children occupied apart from just keeping them fit. Being occupied in a positive manner guarantees mental growth. Team sports, especially, are found to be more beneficial for kids of all ages. They teach them several life skills and lessons which remain engraved in their minds forever. These skills will help them in their adulthood as well.

1. Improves physical fitness

sports boosts immunity


Sports bring physical health benefits to everyone, be it kids or adults. Obesity in children is becoming one of the biggest concerns all over the globe. Lack of physical activity and junk food diets are the culprits behind it. Sports make kids better athletes, boosting their immunity and stamina. Strengthening the body, building self-esteem, inculcating a helping attitude and reducing stress are few of the big benefits that kids get from playing sports. Their importance cannot be overstated. As a parent, it’s your duty to introduce your kid to sports. This prevents them from playing video games all day long and becoming obese. Kids who spend considerable time playing a sport are found to have better balance, posture, strength and overall development.

2. Teamwork

sports is important for kids’ social wellbeing


Playing team sports teaches kids some of the big life skills. Team sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. require the players to work together for a common goal. They learn to appreciate and help others. Learning how to work as a team is an invaluable skill that helps throughout one’s life. Prioritizing the team’s goal over individual goals is a magnificent way of learning to respect the team and your teammates. Getting kids involved in team sports is the best way to develop their social skills. They get to play with others, listen to them and learn new techniques.

3. Boosts Self-esteem

 they learn to trust their capabilities


Kids get overjoyed even at the smallest of achievements. This keeps their self-esteem healthy and encourages mental growth. High self-esteem and confidence makes them daring and stronger in life. Respect from teammates and appreciation from their coach and parents fills them with confidence and positivity. Accepting constructive criticism from coaches and applying them also benefits them in the long run.

4. It is not about winning always

defeat is not the end but another opportunity


Nobody likes to lose anything, not even a game. But, the most important lesson of life is to learn to accept defeat and work on your shortcomings and mistakes. It’s impossible to win every game and similarly, every battle of life. Accepting a defeat positively and to work harder to win the next game is something that every child needs to learn. Parents should not discourage them on losing a game but introduce them to sporting spirit. Teach them to work harder towards the goal to be on the winning side the next time around.

5. They get to make new friends

kids learn better with friends


Everyone has something unique about them. Kids get along easily and learn new things from others, especially kids of their age group. Friendship teaches loving and respecting people outside the family. Making friends holds a prime position for the overall development of a child. Also, sometimes friendships forged during childhood turn out to be those that are lifelong.

6. Sports reward them with academic success

sports make the brain sharper


Many parents find sports as a means of distraction. However, exercising or playing sports has a direct connection with brain development. Playing sports keeps the body healthy and sharpens the mind. Also, a kid can only concentrate at studies if he is physically fit. Unfit kids feel sleepy and sluggish all the time, making it difficult for them to focus on studies.

7. They have to deal with adversity

adversity makes your kid tough


Team sports push kids to face and conquer adversity. It brings across the reality that life is not a bed of roses. Eventually, they learn how to push themselves. Going for practice every single day, irrespective of how tired they may be, molds them into a stronger person altogether. It saves them from breaking down in case of sudden failure or when confronted with testing circumstances.