4 Possible Reasons Why You Have Vaginal Pimples

People who have oily skin or have faced acne troubles know that pimples can surface anytime and anywhere. Pimples don’t really give you a heads-up before turning up now, do they? People often feel worried when they find pimples turning up on odd places like their backs, thighs and vaginas. You don’t have to feel worried for yourself and your health if you see a pimple or two down south. It is completely normal for that to happen. Pimples occur when you have pores clogged with oil and bacteria. These clogged pores can manifest themselves physically as pimples to get rid of the grime and bacteria trapped in them. So, since your entire body is covered with skin and hair follicles; it is completely normal for pimples to appear anywhere. But information can be powerful and enlightening. So, there are many reasons behind your vaginal pimples that you might not know. A lot of usual practices from our daily routines can aggravate the possibility of us getting vaginal pimples. Women are more into grooming their bodies and getting rid of unwanted body hair. And to do that they resort to various different modes. So, there are certain practices that might be giving you vaginal pimples. Here is a list of things that might be the reason behind your bumps down there.

1. Waxing


According to many leading dermatologists, one of the main reasons behind these nasty bumps is hair removal. Some of the hair removal techniques can be harsher than the others. When women wax their pubic hair, they end up irritating the skin of their vaginas. Putting hot wax and ripping hair off your skin can leave the pores exposed to many pimple causing agents like bacteria and dirt. Waxing can also cause folliculitis which can be defined as the inflammation of the follicles. This can be a potential reason behind your emerging pimples. Also, when new hairs start coming out of follicles, this can expose the pores which can also give rise to pimples.

2. Shaving

Shaving with razors come with a bunch of risks. Razor cuts, razor burns and ingrown hairs are not the only worries that you have to cope with when you use razors. The use of razors can also cause pimples. Shaving can also give rise to folliculitis, just like waxing. And folliculitis can give rise to pimples. When we shave, we are scarping our skin surface. So, there are many micro-cuts that happen due to shaving which can expose our skin to external bacteria. So, in the case of razors, we often end up introducing external bacteria from the razor into our skin which can cause pimples.

3. Excessive Perspiration

Sweating is a natural part of our human bodies and their natural functioning. Sweating occurs due to high temperature, especially when we wear thick or non-breathable material of clothing. Perspiration leads to moisture build up which serves as a medium for the bacterial boom. Therefore, perspiration can be a big reason behind your untimely pimples that can appear anywhere from your back to your vagina. Thus, it is advisable that you take bath after your workouts to avoid clogging your pores. Use a soap that is gentle on your skin to cleanse it effectively without stripping it off useful oils.

4. Incredibly Tight Clothing

Tight clothing like gym wear and swimsuits can be the reasons behind vaginal pimples as these kinds of clothing can trap moisture. Tight clothing cuts out air supply and decreases skin breathability. Hence, this can stop the sweat from evaporating and clog the pores which can give rise to pimples.

There are many ways using which we can get rid of these pesky bumps. Using topical ointments and even oral medicines can help us in getting rid of these pimples. But, it is advisable for you to seek medical attention to be sure you don’t have genital warts or cysts which can be similar to pimples in appearance.

So, use your knowledge to take informed decisions about your body. Stay clean and stay healthy.