5 Possible Reasons Behind Your Crankiness If You Are A Woman

We all get cranky from time to time. It is something as humans we have to deal with. But there are many reasons, other than having a bad day that can render us cranky. The problem with being cranky or moody is not the condition itself, but rather the effect it has on others around us. Sometimes, our families, friends and colleagues have to put up with our fowl moods. And it can sure make you wonder why one feels moody even when everything is going great. Well, there are many reason that can cause untimely moodiness or crankiness in people. Some of those reasons are given below.

1. Hormones

Hormones play the biggest role behind the steadiness of our moods. If your crankiness arrives almost at the same time every month, then your cycle is responsible for that. As women progress in their cycles every month, their hormones go through a lot of changes. A week before their periods progesterone happens to be at its peak before plummeting significantly later. This sudden shift in the levels can cause crankiness in women.

Premenstrual syndrome is an umbrella term used for all the crankiness and changes that a women experiences right before getting her period. The main reason behind the crankiness that comes every month is the fluctuating hormones. Fluctuating hormones are known for causing irritability also when women go through their menopause. Women who experience these symptoms can control their crankiness by building up their bodies’ defenses. Omega-3 has been found useful in controlling PMS and menopausal mood swings. So, you can talk to your doctor and get some omega-3 tablets prescribed for yourself.

2. Caffeine

Caffeine can help us to stay alert and can give us an energy boost when required. But too much caffeine can trigger the addiction center in our brains. That is why caffeine is ironically both necessary and problematic for us. But too much caffeine can surely make us addicted. So, when people who are addicted don’t get their necessary dose of caffeine; they can get cranky and irritable. Such people can experience fatigue and headaches as well. The only solution for this problem is to control the amount of caffeine one takes on a daily basis. Normally, it is advised for people to not take more than two cups of caffeine in a day.

3. Bedroom Setting

Sleep plays a big role in maintaining our moods through out the day. So, lack of good sleep can make us irritable. So, you can go to bed early and get up late but still be tired and feel cranky all day long. Some people like to sleep with a bit of light in their rooms. But light can hinder the production of melatonin in our bodies. Melatonin is the hormone that is required for inducing deep sleep in us. Without good levels of melatonin, our sleep patterns get disturbed. So, make sure to not have much glare in your room if you are trying to sleep.

4. Diet

We all like to eat some junk on our bad days to help us cope with it. But these comfort foods are what might be causing our bad moods. Studies have found out that people who eat a lot of food that are rich in saturated fats and trans fat are more at risk of having depression. Junk food is known for affecting mood negatively by affecting the connections in the brain in a negative way. So, the solution to this would be to make a switch to healthier foods with more vitamins and minerals instead of having foods that are rich in fatty acids.

5. Thyroid Imbalance

Hypothyroidism is a condition where people don’t produce enough thyroid hormone in their bodies. This deficiency of thyroid can make people feel depressed and sluggish through out the day. The other symptoms of this would be weight gain, brittle nails and hair, dry skin and increased sensitivity to cold. This can be easily diagnosed by doing a simple blood test. This condition can be controlled easily by diet and medication. So, consult your doctor if you are having these symptoms.

Crankiness is a mood that can affect us and the people close to us. So, take good care of yourself to get rid of your crankiness.